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Current Park & Trail Projects

First St. to Revere Avenue, Deschutes River Trail Phase III Project

Bridge Installation Update:

On Thursday, May 9th, the Deschutes River pedestrian bridge was lifted by crane and set into place. The bridge opened in early June.

It's not everyday a bridge is installed so here's some answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the project: 

First st rapids bridge lifted by craneQ: When was the bridge opened to the public?
A: The bridge was opened for public use in June. Work on the bridge and the trails will continue through summer.

Q: What is the bridge made of?
A: The bridge is made of steel with cedar decking.

Q: How long is the bridge?
A: The bridge is a total of 210 ft. The east side approach is 30 ft; the west side approach is 20 ft and the span is 160 ft.

Q: How much did the bridge cost?
A: The total project budget is about $670,000. The bridge was approximately $420,000. An Oregon Department of Transportation grant of $79,000 is helping with design costs.

Q: Who worked on the bridge?
A: There are several firms involved in the bridge construction:
Civil engineering: WH Pacific
Structural engineering: Kate Hannas
Construction contractor: Deschutes Concrete Construction
Crane company: Campbell Crane of Portland
Bridge manufacturer: Big R of Greeley, Colorado

Q: How did the bridge get here?
A: It was delivered to the site on five separate trucks. Two came in on May 1st with the approach sections. Three will be in on May 8 – 9 with the span sections.

Q: Is this a bond measure project?
A: No, this a regular planned project and has been in the works for several years. However, the east side of First Street Rapids Park is a bond funded project.

Q: What’s being done on the east side of the park and when will it be done?
A: The east side of the park is currently in planning and design. They are currently working making the park and bridge accessible. Concepts call for the park to be “lightly developed” similar to Sawyer Park north along the river. One can expect picnic tables, benches, improved trails and pathways. It is likely to be completed in the next two years.

BPRD appreciates the community’s patience during the project.  Questions regarding the construction project should be directed to Mark Ellington, BPRD Facilities & Construction Manager, at (541) 706-6204 or

The district has been working to complete the Pioneer Park to Revere Ave./1st St. segment of the Deschutes River Trail for several years.  The culmination of this project is the recently-approved construction of a new 10'-wide bicycle/pedestrian bridge spanning the river between the ends of NW 1st St. and Revere Avenue.  The cost of the design work was partially offset by a $79,000 ODOT grant using federal Surface Transportation Program funds. The existing shared-use path portion of the Deschutes River Trail north of downtown currently starts at Pacific Park and connects across Portland Avenue, through Pioneer Park, then along the east bank of the Deschutes River to the southern edge of Davis Park (since renamed to be part of one larger First St. Rapids Park.) 

The district has contracted with a local construction firm (Deschutes Construction) to install the new bridge beginning in February 2013.  We originally though the bridge work needed to be completed before the Tumalo Irrigation District (TID) started running irrigation water in the underground pipeline on April 15, 2013.  However, subsequent discussions have given rise to the fact that the bridge work can occur over the top of the charged pipeline as long as the contractor does some internal pipe bracing in advance.  The amended construction schedule now has May 31, 2013 as the target completion date.

As we were finalizing the construction drawings after the Bend Planning Commission Waterway Overlay Zone (WOZ) approval on 8-27-12, we noted that there could be a project cost savings by substituting short bridge sections on each bank in place of the large concrete wing walls which has the added benefit of reducing the visual mass of the abutment area, and allowing for a path to pass under the west side to better connect the "sandy beach" area to the kayak launch area.

Previous Design

 bridge 1.jpg

Final Design

 bridge 2.jpg


Davis Image.jpg2012 BPRD Bond

The new footbridge was not part of the 2012 District Bond that was approved by District residents in November 2012, but the District did include master planning and design improvements to the former Davis Park site.  Located on the east side of the Deschutes River at the end of Revere Avenue, the newly re-named portion of First St. Rapids Park is classified in the district’s Comprehensive Plan as a Community River Park and as such will be designed to serve the entire community. At a minimum, the new park will provide public access to the Deschutes River, create passive recreation opportunities, and with the bridge project, will close a gap in the Deschutes River Trail. 

We are also adding the west side of First St. Rapids Park into this master planning effort.  This  effort will include a new round of public outreach and identify additional new or improved parking on each side of the river, as well as connecting trail/path designs, along with other typical Community River park site improvements.  Once the master planning is complete and site plans are prepared, the District will apply to the city of Bend for a Waterway Overlay Zone permit. 

Bridge Public Process

An extensive public process and information gathering effort was conducted for the bridge project including stakeholder meetings with user groups and adjacent residents, a questionnaire mailed to property owners and residents within 1/2-mile of the project area, an additional online questionnaire, and two public open house meetings.

The mail-in and online questionnaire results can be downloaded here:

The mail-in and online questionnaire results can be downloaded here:

District staff has relied upon the input received in these various public outreach efforts as well as data developed by the consultant engineers to shape the project findings and recommendation for a preferred bridge alternative.  The staff recommendation was included with the revised Project Findings and Summary Report and was considered by the district’s Board of Directors during the December 20th and January 3rd Board Meetings.  The revised summary of the project findings for the range of alternative bridge and trail alignments that were evaluated can be downloaded here:

An additional summary of the First Street Bridge project findings and the staff recommendation are contained in the December 20, 2011 Board Agenda report available here: 

At the January 3rd meeting, the board voted to direct staff to move forward with bridge alternative B-2, use the existing path alignment at the base of the hillside on the west side of the river, and further refine the Davis Park (now First St. Rapids Park) path options.

On August 27, 2012, the Bend Planning Commission held a public hearing on the Waterway Overlay Zone review for BPRD's application that included improvements to Eastside Path Option 1, the existing Westside Path alignment, and Bridge Alternative B-2.  The Commission voted to approve the project as submitted with several minor conditions of approval.  BPRD staff then worked with its consultant to prepare final construction drawings.

Please contact us if you have additional questions or comments regarding the new bridge/trail or First St. Rapids Park Master Plan.

For more information on the 1st St. Rapids Bridge construction project, please contact Mark Ellington at (541) 706-6204 or email

For more information on First St. Rapids Park master planning project that will now cover both sides of the river, please contact Chelsea Schneider at (541) 706-6155 or email