Park Projects

picnic shelter constructionPark Projects

In order to keep our community’s parks looking and operating their best as well as to serve the needs of our growing community, the Bend Park & Recreation District must constantly plan for park additions, construction and improvements.

Park development, construction and renovation projects are varied and located throughout the district.

Click to view an interactive map of our Current Projects.

The following are some of the current park projects:

Canal Row Park – NE Bend

Discovery Park – NW Bend

Eagle Park NE Bend

First Street Rapids Park – NW Bend

Hillside Parks – NW Bend

McKay Park – NW Bend

Pine Nursery Park – NE Bend

Ponderosa Park – SE Bend

Riley Ranch Nature Reserve (formerly Gopher Gulch) – NW Bend

Rockridge ParkNE Bend

SE Bend Park – SE Bend

Shevlin Park Management Plan – NW Bend

Stone Creek Park – SE Bend

BPRD utilizes public works contracts are frequently used to complete project work. You can view plans for BPRD’s current projects out for competitive bid at:

If you have questions about any of these projects, please contact the listed project manager or contact Michelle Healy, Director of Strategic Planning & Design, at (541)706-6113 or email to