Dogs in Parks

Dog with harness and leashDogs In Parks 
& On Trails:

Dogs are a part of many Bendites’ lives and involved with their owners in many recreational adventures. In Bend, there’s so much to do with your four-legged friend including:

  • Walk and run on the trails and paths
  • Swim in the Deschutes River
  • Play, walk and run off-leash at eight off-leash areas (Click to view map.)

No matter the activity or adventure, it’s important that dog owners manage their dog responsibly so that everyone can enjoy the parks and trails.

City of Bend law and Bend Park & Recreation District rules require that:

  • Dogs are to be leashed up in public except in official off-leash areas. (Click to view map.)
  • Dog owners are to clean up after their dog. To help out, dog waste bags and trash receptables are available at many Bend parks and trails.

Top Ten 
to Leash Up!

  1. It’s the law in Bend and first-time citations are $275.
  2. Off-leash dogs can easily get in another user’s way on a trail and cause an accident or injuries.
  3. Off-leash dogs scare and/or chase off wildlife causing wild animals to avoid parks and natural spaces.
  4. For people who are afraid or uncomfortable around dogs, an encounter with an off-leash dog can be downright terrifying.
  5. Off-leash dogs can instigate aggression problems or fights with leashed dogs. Each year, BPRD receives numerous reports of problem encounters, several resulting in dog bites or injuries.
  6. If your off-leash dog causes a serious issue, you could be held liable and that could equal criminal charges, lawsuits or even loss of your pet.
  7. Off-leash dogs can run off and get lost.
  8. When off-leash, dogs can quickly eat something that could be bad for them.
  9. BPRD offers eight off-leash areas for dogs to run and play freely. View map and details.
  10. You love your dog and want to keep him or her safe.

Looking to Visit an Off-Leash Area?

Click for off-leash area map and information to get out and play – leash-free!