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Trail List

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Bend Park & Recreation District manages 65 miles of trail within the district. To see the entire trail map, click on the links above. To see individual portions of trails, including segments outside of the district, see the list below.

When out on the trails, please be mindful of other users, stay on designated trails and respect adjacent private properties.

1. Alpine Trail  - 3.5 miles, Mt. Washington/Skyline Park to Tetherow
2. Big Sky Park Trail - 0.8 miles, through Big Sky Park to Neff Road
3. Brooks-Scanlon Rail Trail - 27 miles, Shevlin Park/Phil's Trailhead to city of Sisters
4. Cascade Highlands Trail - 4.6 miles, Overturf Park to Phil's Trailhead
5. Central Oregon Canal Trail - 3.5 miles, Reed Market Road to Deschutes River Trail
6. COCC - Shevlin Park Trail - 1.8 miles, Mt. Washington to Shevlin Park
7. Colorado Trail - 1.1 miles, Haul Road Trail to McKay Park
8. Coyner Trail - 0.8 miles, Ponderosa Park to Juniper Park
9. Deschutes River Trail (North Reach) - 3.6 miles, Tumalo to Tumalo State Park
10. Deschutes River Trail (Awbrey Reach) - 3.9 miles, Putnam Road to Sawyer Park
11. Deschutes River Trail (River Run Reach) - 1.3 miles, Sawyer Park to First St. Rapids Park
12. Deschutes River Trail (Pioneer Reach) - 2.4 miles, First St. Rapids Park to Columbia Park
13. Deschutes River Trail (Old Mill Reach) - 3.7 miles, Columbia Park to Haul Road Trail
14. Deschutes River Trail (South Canyon Reach) - 4.3 miles, Haul Road Trail to River Rim Park
15. Discovery Trail - 0.7 miles, Shevlin Park Road to Skyliners Road
16. East Bend Canal Trail - 1.1 miles, 27th Street to East Bend Canal
17. Haul Road Trail - 3.3 miles, Bill Healy Bridge to USFS boundary
18. Larkspur Trail (North) - 2.3 miles, US20 underpass to Stover Park
19. Larkspur Trail (South) - 1.8 miles, Larkspur Park to US20 underpass
20. North Parkway Trail - 0.5 miles, Butler Market Road to Empire Avenue
21. North Unit Canal Trail - 1.5 miles, Deschutes River to Canal Row Park
22. Pilot Butte Canal Trail - 1.7 miles, Canal Row Park to Pine Nursery Park
23. Pine Nursery Park Trail - 1.9 miles, Pine Nursery Park (loop trail)
24. Shevlin Park Area Trails - 9.8 miles, Shevlin Park (above canyon and along Tumalo Creek)
25. Sylvan to Summit Trail - 0.6 miles, Sylvan Park to Summit Park (on Awbrey Butte)
26. Tetherow Trail - 3.3 miles, along Tetherow Resort roads
27. Three Pines Trail - 0.2 miles, Three Pines Park to Shevlin Commons
28. West Bend Trail - 2.7 miles, 17th Street to USFS Road 4606 (Phil's Trailhead)