Whitewater Guide

Are you a whitewater kayaker, surfer or paddleboarder?

The Whitewater Channel of the Bend Whitewater Park is your destination! This center channel of the park has four wave features for emerging to expert whitewater enthusiasts. The features are created by twenty-six, underwater pneumatic bladders, natural and man-made riverbed conditions and dynamic river flows.


Jason’s Wave. Jason’s wave is the most down-river feature.  It is best suited for people learning whitewater sports or refining their skills. (Beginner)

Kricket’s Wave. Just up river from Jason’s wave, this feature is best suited for people with some experience in whitewater conditions. (Difficult to more difficult)

The Green Wave. The next upriver feature is the Green Wave. This wave is best suited for experienced river users and will most often be ideal for surfing and kayaking. (Difficult)

Eddy’s Wave. Nearest the bridge is Eddy’s wave which is the largest in the series and best suited for the most experienced river users. (Most difficult)

Know Before You Go

  • Access to The Whitewater Channel is from downriver of the park at either McKay Park beach or Miller’s Landing Park. Do not access the channel from upriver.
  • The river-left (west) island is for line-up. There is no public access to the river-right island.
  • Life jackets and whistles are required for all boaters and paddleboarders.
  • Helmets are recommended. Board leashes, however, should never be used as they can get caught on underwater elements.
  • Always scout the conditions as river flows and wave features change frequently. Consider the waves above and below and plan your exit routes for each wave.
  • Check the Bend Whitewater Park Facebook page for updates and conditions at Facebook.com/BendWhitewaterPark

Recommended Safety Equipment:

  • Cold water protective clothing and footwear
  • Throw rope
  • Life jacket
  • Helmet
  • Whistle


  • Tethering to the bridge or island and the use of bungee cords, ropes or other like devices. Ropes tied to fixed objects present a significant entanglement and drowning risk.
  • Jumping off the bridge.
  • Access to the park from the emergency ladder on the footbridge.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.
  • Motorized craft.
  • Swimming, diving or jumping within the Bend Whitewater Park; swimming is allowed off McKay Park beach.
  • Any activity that obstructs the safe flow of river users.
  • Entering the protected natural area, riparian area or the river-right (east) island.
Wave Update: May 25th, 2017 @ 4:00 pm

1. Jason's: Mid to high-energy wave with two pockets, green, steep and rough center.
2. Kricket's: Low-energy, beginner to intermediate wave hole; consistent pile, low angle.
3. Green Wave: Stretched, dynamic green with intermittent pile.
4. Eddy's: High energy, low angle wave hole.
-- Approximate flow at BWP: 1280 cfs

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1330 cfs Jason's ... See MoreSee Less

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Nathan MetzlerThe green wave is white today. People are trying to surf. Not going well. Did they lower the cfs today?

1 hour ago

Sebastian FoltzI'd say Krickets is easier than Jason's at this level

11 hours ago

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Kricket's @ 1330 ... See MoreSee Less

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Billy KnudsonWhat's going on with the green wave the last few days?

24 hours ago   ·  1

Sebastian FoltzKrickets has been phenomenal the last two days.

11 hours ago

Brooks FosterVery nice. I could surf that all day!

1 day ago

Trevor LydenAll that water, still not retentive

11 hours ago

Jenn BarbeeI wanna do this!!

3 hours ago

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Tomorrow, Thurs., May 25: a 48-acre prescribed burn is scheduled for Shevlin Park. The park will be closed and area trails re-routed during the burn. You'll see and smell smoke in the area. Plan your play with this in mind. Details at: www.bendparksandrec.org/category/news/ ... See MoreSee Less

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Jason PollockBuddy and I were taking about wanting to learn how to surf, but a bit worried about being the 'new guys' getting in everyone's way. Are there any beginner times or classes?

6 days ago

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Billy KnudsonWhat is the ideal flow for the green wave? Sat and watched for a while this afternoon and it never cleaned up?

3 days ago

Tom HeroldI believe it's open after dark for beginners.

6 days ago

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Bend Whitewater Park updated their cover photo.

With temps in the 80s, the forecast calls for floating! Heads up in the whitewater park for more traffic in the Passageway. And all you floaters, make your float a good one with the right gear - quality tube, life jacket and river shoes. Rentals will be available; but heads up, the shuttle is not yet. Prep up with our Floating Virtual Tour and you're ready to go! www.bendparksandrec.org/bend-whitewater-park/river-virtual-tour/
... See MoreSee Less

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Sarah WardKellye Dwyer Pape Sandi Slawosky we need to make a date to do this #aug2017Bend

6 days ago   ·  2

Ryan CartmillKristine

1 day ago

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get rollin’!

Kayak Roll Session
Juniper Swim & Fitness Center

Bring your clean boat to the warm, indoor pool to practice and refine your roll skills. Please tape the ends of your paddles. Fees: $12 in-district / $14 out-of-district.

Dates: Now – June 4
Sundays: 4:15 – 6:00 pm
Tuesdays: 7:15 – 9:00 pm

look before
you launch.

The Deschutes River is dynamic and changing so always scout the waves above and below and plan your exit strategy.

Unsafe or illegal behavior may result in exclusion and/or citation.
Emergency: Call 911  To Report Maintenance: 541-388-5435

WARNING:  The Deschutes River is wild.  All rivers may present hazards not easily recognized. Always exercise caution when recreating in the river. Recreate at your own risk.