Shevlin Park Management Plan

BPRD Project Phase 2

Overview: When the 1992 Shevlin Park Coordinated Resource Management Plan was written, the population of Bend was around 20,000. Since then our population has quadrupled to over 80,000 residents.

In 2014, BPRD undertook a planning process intended to review existing uses in the park and provide a more positive balance between use and experience while conserving the park’s abundant resources. The District worked closely with a Citizens Advisory Committee who greatly contributed to the planning process over the course of a year.

Current Update: Staff are now implementing a key element of the newly adopted Shevlin Park Recreation Management Plan–a comprehensive wayfinding and interpretive signage program for the park.

Park Location: 18970 Shevlin Park Road

Funding Source: Funds from System Development Charge Reimbursements

Budget: $615,000


Old Shevlin Sign
Tumalo Creek