Shevlin Park Prescribed Burn

Learn about the timing, benefits, safety measures and community impacts of the prescribed fire.

“Re-introducing fire to Shevlin Park will provide
numerous benefits to the park’s natural resources.”

~ Jeff Amaral, BPRD Natural Resources Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

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When will a prescribed fire occur at Shevlin Park?

The prescribed fire has been scheduled for Thursday, May 25.

Where will the prescribed fire be located?

The prescribed fire area is located in Shevlin Park on the south side of Shevlin Park Road.  The area is immediately south of Aspen Meadow and the parking lot and will extend to the east near the Tumalo Creek Trail and west near the old railroad grade. Signage is in place to inform park visitors about the current preparations for the burn.

Why is fire being reintroduced at Shevlin Park?

Our forests and vegetation in Central Oregon depend on fire to stay healthy. Just like an ecosystem may be called a “rain forest” our forests are a “fire adapted ecosystem.” In order to keep Shevlin Park’s vegetation in a healthy state, we will use prescribed fire, also known as controlled burning, to keep fire in the ecosystem in a safe manner.  Without fire removing fuels in the area, Shevlin Park’s vegetation would be less resilient to insect infestations, disease and intense wildfires.

What should neighbors and park users expect during the prescribed fire?

During the active burning period people will see and smell smoke. People are encouraged to keep their doors and windows closed during the burning and the evening following the burning to reduce impacts from smoke. Most smoke should move out of the area within the day though there may be some smoldering on the following day or two. Firefighters will monitor the area for several days following the burn.

How was the 48-acre unit selected?

The U.S. Forest Service, working with BPRD, identified the 48 acres as a valuable unit to burn.  It will reduce hazardous fuels and reduce the risk of a catastrophic fire in a heavily used portion of the park.  Its close proximity to the parking lot provides a good opportunity for public education about the value of prescribed burns.  It also provides a close in to Bend educational opportunity for area educators.

How long will the prescribed fire last?

As planned, the prescribed fire should be completed in a day or two. Once it is safe to reopen the park, signage will be removed and areas will be available for recreation.

What is the role of fire in the District’s vegetation management plan?

The goals of this prescribed fire as well as the overall vegetation management plan are to:

  • Maintain plant communities that are resistant to a large scale disturbance
  • Create and maintain a landscape that is resilient to disturbance
  • Create and maintain wildlife habitat
  • Maintain natural aesthetics for increasing recreational opportunities
  • Preserve the historical and archeological heritage of park

For additional information, please contact:
Jeff Amaral, BPRD Natural Resources Manager
(541) 706-6202