Youth Swim Lessons

Youth Swim Lessons & Novice Swim Team

Our swim lessons are age appropriate, skill appropriate, safe, small, professional and FUN!

Program Benefits:
– Learn and improve swimming skills
– Develop trust and confidence in others.
– Learn to be safe in and around the water.
– Improve social skills and opportunities.
– Enhance self-esteem through positive encouragement and personal success.
– Develop positive life long recreational opportunities.
– Have fun!

FREE Swim Lesson Assessment are available! Unsure of what class to register your child in? Take the guesswork out and come in for a swim assessment in the water to ensure your child is in the right class.
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Swim Lesson Descriptions:

Parent-Tot Program (6-36 months)

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Parent-Tot      Sea Stars      Journey        Level

Developmentally appropriate classes provide a safe and fun introduction to the wonderful world of water.  Parents work directly with their child under instructor’s guidance. (35 minutes)

Parent-Tot 1:  Minnow Pond (6-18 months)
Hands-on work, skill-oriented games and songs emphasize water adjustment and enjoyment.

Parent-Tot 2:  Octopus Pool (19-36 months)
More skill-building fun and games with an increased emphasis placed on basic swim skills and independence.

Sea Stars (Age 2.5 – 3 years) (30-36 months)
Is your child too young for our journey program but swimming safely in the pool on their own? Class incorporates learning basic skills of floating, gliding and water safety. First class without parent participation. Pre-requisite: Taken one session of Parent Tot classes.

Preschool Program (Age 3 – 5)

Progressive journey program for the preschoolers develops swimming skills in a creative environment with your child’s comfort, confidence and enjoyment at heart. (35 minutes)

Journey 1:  Water adjustment, underwater exploration, floating on front, flutter kicking.
Pre-requisite:  Ability to participate in a class environment.

Journey 2:  Front and back floats, glides and kicks. Pre-requisite: Float on front with face in the water for 3-5 seconds.

Journey 3:  Basic crawl stroke and backstroke with big pool exposure. Pre-requisite:  Float and kick on front and back for 5 seconds.

Journey 4:  Crawl stroke with side breathing, back crawl stroke and increased endurance with extensive work in the big pool. Pre-requisite: Completion of Journey 3

Journey 5:  More advanced stroke work including technique and endurance with both crawl stroke and backstroke. Pre-requisite: Front crawl with side breathing 20 feet and backstroke for 20 feet.

Youth Program (Age 6 & Up)

This leveled program designed for school-age children will be fun and challenging. Highly structured classes will help increase confidence and develop new swimming skills. (40 minutes)

Level 1: Water adjustment, front and back floats and glides, flutter kick. Pre-requisite: 6 and older. Child must be comfortable in water depth of 3.5 feet.

Level 2: Streamline kicking on front, back and side, basic crawl stroke, intro to back crawl stroke, deep water exposure. Pre-requisite: Float, glide and kick comfortably on front and back for 5 seconds.

Level 3: Crawl stroke with side breathing and back crawl stroke for 45 feet. Pre-requisite: Strong kick on front and back in proper body position, basic crawl stroke and comfortable in water overhead.

Level 4: Crawl stroke with rhythmic side breathing, back crawl stroke for 25 meters with increase emphasis on proper technique. Elementary backstroke, breaststroke and dolphin kick introduced. Pre-requisite: Comfortably swim crawl stroke with side breathing and back stroke 45 feet.

Level 5: Refinement of crawl stroke, back stroke and elementary backstroke.  Introduction to breast stroke, butterfly and open turns. Pre-requisite: Comfortably crawl stroke with rhythmic side breathing, back stroke and elementary backstroke kick for 25 meters.

Level 6: Increased endurance and technique in all previously learned strokes including butterfly and breast stroke. Flip turns and diving from starting blocks.

Youth Novice Swim Team

Have your kids graduated from Level 3 or higher and are looking for something new? Check out the Youth Novice Swim Team

Youth Novice Swim Team
Grades 1-5
A perfect introduction competitive swimming skills and training for kids! Be challenged while having fun! Participants must be able to swim 25 meters front crawl stroke using side breathing and 25 meters backstroke with level body position. We teach the rest! Newcomers and veterans welcome. Groups will be divided by age and ability levels.

Springboard Diving

Springboard Diving Lessons
Ages 8-12
Learn how to use the diving board correctly for safety and fun! The fundamentals of diving will be introduced including the approach, hurdle, take-off, front jumps and dives and more advanced tricks. Pre-requisite: Ability to comfortable swim two widths of the pool in the deep-end.

Youth Scuba

PADI Bubblemakers
Ages 8-9
Whether it’s a glass of milk, bubble gum or being submerged beneath the surface, you can’t help blowing bubbles! The PADI Bubblemaker program is an introduction to breathing underwater and underwater diving. Come learn in the pool with Fins Scuba & Water Sports of Bend and discover the thrill!

PADI Discover Scuba Diving
Ages 10 and up
Got a sense of adventure? Come learn what it’s like to breathe underwater with Fins Scuba & Water Sports of Bend. This introductory class will let you try scuba to see if you like it before you decide to commit to a PADI Open Water Certification program. Learn what wearing scuba equipment feels like and how easy it is to move around underwater while wearing it. Find out what it’s like to breathe underwater Learn basic skills and safety rules to carry over to your scuba certification course should you take the next step. All equipment provided.

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