Parks Featuring: River Access

Riley Ranch Nature Reserve

New experiences, new rules. Because Riley Ranch is a nature reserve it is managed differently than other Bend parks. With direction from the park’s Citizens Advisory Committee and the District’s board, bikes and dogs, even dogs onleash, are not permitted. Bikes and dogs have a greater impact on wildlife and the landscape when compared to [...]

Farewell Bend Park

Farewell Bend is located along the Deschutes River near the base of the Bill Healy Memorial Bridge. The park features a canoe launch and natural marsh areas. It has become a popular launching location for float trips on the river. The Deschutes River Trail runs the length of the park and connects the park to the Old Mill District to the northeast, to Riverbend Park across the river and to the new South Canyon Trail Bridge to the south. There are two viewing shelters, a boardwalk along the river, interpretive signage and a playground which Kiwanis assisted in building.A large picnic shelter with a capacity of 36 is available in addition to two small shelters which accommodate 4 each.

Brooks Park

Featuring the Bend Heroes Memorial, this riverfront park is the gateway to one of Bend’s historic neighborhoods.

McKay Park

Re-opened in fall of 2016, McKay Park was extensively renovated to support use and access to the Bend Whitewater Park. Renovations include a restroom, plaza, trail connections to the Deschutes River Trail, a play beach and natural play area.

Harmon Park

Acquired by Bend Kiwanis with a donation from New York philanthropist, William Harmon, this park is located along the Deschutes River across the river from Drake Park. Park features include two softball fields (used as a soccer field in the fall), restrooms and a playground. The Hobby Hut and Boat House now function as an Outdoor Center, the meeting place for many of our outdoor programs. In 2000, this park underwent a major rehabilitation, including a new irrigation system, paver sidewalks, updated playground area, sports backstops and other features to enhance the visitor’s experience.

Harmon Park is also known as the “Boat Park” by the community. This is due to the much-loved boat that has been a longtime fixture in the playground.

NOTICE: Now through Sept. 30th, the boat and other playground features are closed for maintenance. For another great boat to play on, please try the “SS Columbia” or the “Pirate Ship” at Columbia Park. Thank you for your understanding.

Pageant Park

A small, developed park next to Harmon Park and across the river from Drake Park via a pedestrian bridge. The park celebrates the history of Bend’s Water Pageant. The site has two designated ADA parking stalls and the remaining parking is along the street.

Pacific Park

Access to this riverfront park is off of Portland Avenue. It consists of a narrow strip of turf between Pacific Park Lane and the river, and a sloped meadow above the street and parking area that is also turfed and has mature trees. The riverfront features a 3′-4′ high stone retaining wall and a leg of the Deschutes River Trail. Interpretive signage describes the history of the site. Amenities are few in this park, but it is a popular spot for fishing and a quiet place to enjoy a sack lunch. Cascade School of Music is located in the building at this park.

Shevlin Park

This cherished, 652-acre regional park was donated to the community in 1920. Although the park has a paved road, three developed picnic sites and Aspen Hall within its boundaries, most of the park remains undeveloped. Tumalo Creek rambles through the park with several foot bridges providing opportunities to cross over to the east side of the park.

River Rim Park Site

This undeveloped site with river access has three natural shelves that step down to the Deschutes River. It provides for future riverfront park development and improved connections to the Deschutes River Trail, and provides views up and down the river.

Riverbend Park

Completed in 2009, Riverbend Park is a special community gathering place that celebrates the Deschutes River, provides a special events venue, provides public river access and conserves the native riparian landscape. This riverfront park features large open lawn areas, a sandy beach, public restrooms, a picnic shelter and fully accessible walking trails.

Pioneer Park

One of Bend’s oldest parks, Pioneer Park hosts many picnics and weddings during the spring, summer and fall. This riverfront park features a covered group picnic area, a formal rose garden, open lawn areas and river front woods.

Dohema River Access

This narrow easement between residential properties is used occasionally as a canoe and kayak launch.

Drake Park and Mirror Pond

This popular downtown community gathering place hosts many events throughout the spring, summer and fall, including the District’s Old Fashioned July 4th Celebration.

First Street Rapids Park

Crossing both east and west sides of the Deschutes River, First Street Rapids Park is a popular river access point for canoes and kayaks. The park is located at the end of NW First Street as well as the end of NW Revere. The Deschutes River Trail runs through the park and connects north to Sawyer Park and south to Pioneer Park via a pedestrian bridge.

The park and points north and south along the river are well-known for wildlife activity including river otters, beavers and a multitude of bird species including trumpeter swans, bald eagles, ospreys and migratory birds.

Bend Whitewater Park

The Channels The Bend Whitewater Park features three distinct in-water channels: Floaters Channel The channel nearest McKay Park takes the casual river floater under the Colorado Ave. bridge. Twelve minor drops in river elevation guide people toward the Drake Park take-out. Learn more about using the Floaters Channel Whitewater Channel Designed for the whitewater enthusiast, the middle channel consists [...]

Miller’s Landing Park

Situated across the Deschutes River from McKay Park, Miller’s Landing Park is Bend’s newest riverfront park. Miller’s Landing is a great park for picnicking, viewing the river and Old Mill District activities or perhaps a game of Frisbee. Accessible via streets and trails, the park features a section of the Deschutes River Trail, connecting the Riverside neighborhood to the Old Mill.