Natural Play Areas

Experts agree that children need access to nature the same way they need good nutrition and adequate sleep. Bend Park and Recreation District has been working toward providing more natural areas for kids to play, explore and learn. We hope you enjoy these spaces!

Natural Play Areas

First Street Rapids Park
1980 NW First St., Bend, Oregon

Discovery Park
1315 NW Discovery Dr., Bend, Oregon

Canal Row Park
1630 NE Butler Market Rd., Bend, Oregon

Rockridge Park (coming soon)
NE 18th St., Bend, Oregon

Hillside Park (coming soon)
2050 NW 12th St., Bend, Oregon

Stone Creek Park (coming soon)

Wildside Play Areas

Al Moody Park
2225 NE Dagget Ln., Bend, Oregon

Compass Park
2500 NW Crossing Dr., Bend, Oregon

Pine Nursery Park
3750 NE Purcell Blvd., Bend, Oregon

What's a natural play area?

Natural Play Area – play amenities inspired by nature (think stumps and logs, rocks and sand, water courses)

What's a wildside play area?

Wildside – space set aside within parks for free-form, open-ended play (imagine the vacant lot where you dug bike tracks or built forts as a kid). Basically these are spaces outside of pristine habitat areas and other program space, where it’s okay to make a mess and be creative.