Park Reservations for Community Events

Public Community Events Held in Parks

Festivals, charity runs and other events open to any and all participants are considered community or public events. A park must be reserved at least three months in advance for a public event and the rental season is from approximately April 15 – October 15.

Click here to see the current Community Events in Parks calendar. (Note: this is for reference only and not an indicator of park availability.)  

Public events can be one of three categories:

  • Hosted/staged at a park (see information below)
  • Run/walk-through a park (see information below)
  • Sport field event at a park

For community/public events hosted at a park, the reservation process, which has several steps shown below, must be completed and approved no later than three months prior to the event date. Your contact for park reservations for public events is Chris Zerger, Public Events Program Coordinator, (541) 706-6220 or

For run/walk-through a park events that will simply pass through a park/trails and are not staged in one, please use the Run/Walk Events Through Parks Reservation Request and contact Chris Zerger, Public Events Program Coordinator, (541) 706-6220 or Reservations request must be approved no later than two months prior to your event.

For sports field events such as sports tournaments, please contact Becky Rexford, Sports Program Coordinatorat (541) 706-6120 or

Step-by-Step Guide to Public Event Reservations

The steps that follow will take you through the reservation and planning process, with links to related documents and information. You may also download and print a PDF version of the Step-by-Step Guide. Please also review the Guidelines for Community Events in Community Parks to learn general park rules and regulations. Links below will take you to specific rules and guidelines for the parks listed.

Due to liability, impact and river safety, no organized in-water float event proposals/reservations at or in Riverbend Park, Farewell Bend Park, Miller’s Landing Park, McKay Park, Drake Park or the Bend Whitewater Park will be approved. This includes Run/Walk-Through requests.

The following community parks are suitable for community/public event reservations from April 15 through October 15.

Download rules, guidelines and maps for each park below:

Steps #1 – #4 must be completed no later than 3 months prior to your proposed event. We recommend you allow sufficient time to complete all steps.

Step #1 – Proposal (for new events) – Returning events, skip to Step #2.
The event planner must submit a proposal.
A description of your event vision including:

  • Timeline, including set up thru clean up
  • Vendors – how many and what type
  • Entertainment
  • Food or number of food vendors
  • Event Activities 
  • Proposed Run/Walk Route
  • Layout – Site Map
  • Proposed event date
  • Proposed park 
  • Estimated number of attendees
  • Admission or entry fee to the attend the event
  • The organization’s status as non-profit or commercial
  • Contact name, telephone numbers and email

Submit the proposal by mail, email or fax to:
Chris Zerger, Public Event Program Coordinator
Park Services
1675 SW Simpson Avenue
Bend, Oregon 97702
Telephone: (541) 706-6220  Fax: (541) 388-3613
Email: and (Include both emails in all correspondence regarding your event)

The District will review your proposal to determine suitability of the event being held in a park. You will be notified by Chris Zerger of submittal regarding approval to move forward with the reservation process. Upon approval of your event, it is the event planner’s responsibility to schedule the pre-event meeting three months prior to your event (Step # 4).

Step #2 – Reservation and Fees

  1. Returning events with changes: submit with the reservation form a written description of any changes to your event plan from last year for approval. Changes may impact your event fees.
  2. Upon approval of your event it is the event planner’s responsibility to schedule the Pre-Event Logistics Meeting (Step #4)  and Post Event Meeting (Step #8).
  3. Complete the reservation form.
  4. Submit and pay your Basic Park Fee and Impact Fee to hold your rental date/time pending the pre-event Logistics Plan Meeting. Please refer to 2017 Fees for Public Events in Community Parks.

Step #3 – Event and Park Logistics Plan
For efficiencies, the BPRD event team requires your completed plan to be emailed one week prior to your scheduled meeting.
This plan will be the basis of your discussion with district staff regarding your event and will include an entire event timeline, site map, activities schedule and all pertinent details of your use of the park. Please bring your completed plan to your scheduled pre-event meeting. The document Event and Park Logistics Plan includes instructions, considerations and expectations. Please review the Event Accessibility Tips for your planning. If your event will have vehicles on grounds other than parking lots or access roads, you are required to have a Vehicle Access Permit.

If you have questions regarding District expectations or if you would like help in event logistics problem solving, don’t hesitate to contact the District.  We are here to help you make your event successful.

Step #4 – Schedule Pre-Event Logistics Meeting
During this meeting you will go over your completed Event and Park Logistics Plan, discuss park related event details, arrange for any other district services you may need, and schedule a site walkthrough. Your event date is not secure until this meeting has scheduledRemember, Steps #1 – #4 must be completed no later than 3 months prior to your event.

Steps #5 – #6 must be completed no later than 30 days prior to your event.

Step #5 – Damage Deposit
Pay your refundable damage deposit in the amount of $500 or $1000, dependent on size of event. If you pay by Visa or Mastercard, the card will be charged.

Step #6 – Insurance
Submit proof of COMPREHENSIVE GENERAL LIABILITY insurance policy with coverage of not less than $2,000,000 combined single occurrence.
Insurance Information Packet
Sample insurance certificate

Step #7 – Have a successful and fun event!

Step #8 – Post-Event Evaluation
It is the event organizers responsibility to schedule the post event meeting within two weeks following your event. This meeting is crucial if you plan on holding your event on a recurring basis.  Final billing and/or refunds will be made following the post-event meeting.

District  Contacts:
Please include both e-mails when corresponding regarding your event:

Chris Zerger, Public Event Program Coordinator,
(541) 706-1220
Joanna Edwards, Program Assistant,
(541) 706-6201

Document Summary:

Individual Forms/Documents: