Movie Schedules

Tuesday afternoons at the movies

Join us for some screen time! Every Tuesday at 12:45 pm, meet us in The North Event Room for a free movie.


December 5  | Kidnap   R

Starring: Halle Berry, Chris McGinn & Sage Correa

In the US, a child goes missing every 40 seconds. You never think it will happen to you. Until it does. Alone and scared, Karla Dyson (Halle Berry) is unwilling to leave the fate of her son’s life in someone else’s hands. When she catches a glimpse of the abductors speeding away, she decides to fight back. In a heart pounding race against time, Karla begins a high speed pursuit and will stop at nothing to save her son’s life.

the house

December 12 | The House   R

Starring: Will Ferrell & Amy Poehler

In this outrageous comedy, a married couple attempt to pay for their daughter’s college tuition by running an illegal casino in the suburbs with their eccentric neighbor. Needless to say, things quickly spiral out of control as they deal with unruly guests while trying to keep their operation hidden from the police.


December 19 | No Movie Today

Please consider joining us at the Central Oregon Community Holiday Concert
1:30-3:00 pm

Free admission

logan lucky

December 26 | Logan Lucky    R

Starring: Adam Driver, Katie Holmes & Channing Tatum

In this hilarious and thrilling crime comedy, two down-on-their-luck brothers plot an elaborate heist at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. Along the way, they try to recruit an eccentric convict as their explosives expert—but securing his help will require breaking him out of prison.