Shevlin Park Mgmt Plan

Shevlin Park Management Plan

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Overview: When the1992 Shevlin Park Coordinated Resource Management Plan was written, the population of Bend was around 20,000. Since then our population has quadrupled to over 80,000 residents.

1992 Mission Statement: (Shevlin Park Coordinated Resource Master Plan) “…a natural park for people to enjoy in contrast to a recreational park with nature as a backdrop”

The Bend Park and Recreation District is underway with a planning process intended to review existing uses in the park and provide a more positive balance between use and experience while conserving the park’s abundant resources. To launch this process the District has created an updated mission statement with the help from the Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC):

2015 Mission Statement:
“Conserving Shevlin Park’s natural resources in order to promote a positive experience for all.”

Products from the four CAC meetings include an updated mission statement, six Management Plan goals, a preliminary draft of issues needing to be resolved at Shevlin Park and a draft of proposed strategies to address those issues.

Current Update: Products from five CAC meetings and four Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings include an updated mission statement, six project goals, a listing of issues needing to be resolved at the park and possible strategies to address those issues.  These strategies have been grouped into two broad categories; those needing physical changes or improvements within the park and those that require operational or policy changes in managing the park.  Both the CAC and TAC have reviewed and approved the proposed strategies.  Next steps include prioritizing these strategies, preparing a general master plan for physical improvements and assembling a first draft of the Shevlin Park Management Plan.

How you can help:

Attend the public meeting to review the Shevlin Park Management Plan:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Bend Park and Recreation District Office
799 SW Columbia St.
Bend, OR 97702

Learn more about citizens’ thoughts and experiences of Shevlin Park via the District’s questionnaire that was conducted in June through August 2014. The District received 827 questionaire responses:

Click here to review the Shevlin Park Management Plan questionnaire and outreach summary (2 MB pdf)

During the course of the questionnaire, BPRD received 469 open-ended comments about Shevlin Park. To receive a copy of the comments, please contact Quinn Keever at or (541) 706-6130.

Park Location: 18970 Shevlin Park Road

Funding Source: Funds from System Development Charges

Budget: $615,000

Citizens Advisory Committee:

We are currently working with a diverse group of citizens to represent the community at large and to participate with the District in develping the Management Plan. Their participation requires commitment to frank and open discussions throughout this process and a willingness to accept and support decisions made by group consensus. Committee members are expected to actively participate and:

  • Bring a broad community perspective and base input and decisions on behalf of what’s best for the park and community.
  • Be able to evaluate diverse viewpoints objectively.
  • Treat all participants equally and with respect at all times

    Thank you for your interest in this important park planning project and for helping us in building a better community where people can play, learn and grow. Additional Information: For more information on Shevlin Park Management Plan, call Jim Figurski at (541) 706-6152 or send an email to