BPRD Volunteer Bob Wenger – In Memoriam

A tireless supporter of off-leash opportunities, Bob had a particular interest for the Pine Nursery off-leash area. In addition to being instrumental in the park’s planning, he contributed countless hours to creating trails, pulling weeds and setting out buckets for people to clean up after their dogs as well as other efforts to make the park enjoyable for humans and canines alike. His passion and dedication can be seen throughout the OLA – it just wouldn’t be what it is today without Bob.

Our deepest gratitude to Bob for his spirit and dedication

Volunteer your time. Contributions big and small will help sustain Bob’s legacy. If you are interested in volunteering with DogPAC contact happytails@dogpac.org. To volunteer in a Bend Park & Recreation off-leash area, contact Kim@bendparksandrec.org or call (541) 706-6127.