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Air Quality & Smoke Update:

Updated Thursday, Sept. 9 at 9:30 a.m.:

  • The 50m pool at Juniper Swim & Fitness Center is closed and AQI is being monitored hourly.

Due to rapidly changing conditions, check the facility schedules regularly for cancellations, modifications and closures.

Image of a smoke plume in Bend, Oregon.District Information on Air Quality:

Wildfires in Central Oregon and other areas may be impacting air quality today.

Please remember that children are particularly sensitive to smoke because their respiratory systems are still developing.

Parents: Watch the smoke forecast and decide when to limit your child(ren)’s activities. If you do not wish for your child to spend time outdoors, please consider if the activity or program is the right choice for your family this week.

District Policy:

District staff monitor the air quality index (AQI) on an ongoing basis using DEQ AirNow, and will make the following modifications to outdoor programs that cannot be relocated indoors:

  • AQI 100-150: Outdoor activities may be modified including decreased intensity and duration with more frequent breaks.
  • AQI 151-200: Outdoor activities will be modified if they cannot be moved indoors.
    • Programs one hour or less: will be limited to light activities and increased rest periods.
    • Programs 1-4 hours in duration: will be limited to no more than 1 hour outdoors of light activities.
    • All-day camps: Move camp to indoor location, or postpone/cancel if no indoor location available.  Outdoor time will be limited to 15-minute “recesses” or one outdoor period not to exceed 1-hour. Outdoor time limited to light activities with increased rest periods.
    • Drop-in activities: Adult and all-ages self-directed activities such as drop-in outdoor lap swim and workout on one’s own will continue to at the discretion of facility manager or designee.
  • AQI 200 or more: All outdoor activities will be cancelled and outdoor recreation facilities closed.
  • If you or your child are sensitive to air pollution or smoke or have asthma, let us know so we can help modify the activity, and when in doubt do not participate.

Air quality conditions can change rapidly and we will do our best keep you informed of program status. We will normally notify you via email 1-2 hours prior to the start of the activity if it is delayed or cancelled due to smoke. We will also post delays and cancellations on our website. In the event that an activity already in progress is canceled due to poor air quality, we will contact you to pick up your child within 1 hour.

Additional resources:

Oregon Health Authority: