Air Quality & Smoke Status

  • This alert will be updated if operations change. Check back regularly.

Image of a smoke plume in Bend, Oregon.District Information on Air Quality:

The district uses multiple methods to assess air quality conditions to make decisions on cancellations and closures. This approach is because smoke conditions can change rapidly and official Air Quality Index reporting can lag several hours. We monitor:

  • The most current air quality index as reported by he Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Air Quality Index (AQI) – 8th and Emerson station in Bend.
  • Remote sensor readings using district instruments
  • 5-3-1 Visiblity Scale
  • Trends of several hours
  • Forecasts when available.

For regional fire information, visit the Central Oregon Fire Info website. Fire information is available in English and Spanish.

Please remember that children are particularly sensitive to smoke because their respiratory systems are still developing.

Parents: Watch the smoke forecast and decide when to limit your child(ren)’s activities. If you do not wish for your child to spend time outdoors, please consider if the activity or program is the right choice for your family in challenging air conditions.

District Guidelines

The district will move activities indoors where possible when the AQI is consistently (hours or days) above 150. The district will make the following modifications to outdoor activities that do not have indoor options when conditions are expected to be in the following AQI ranges:

  • AQI 100-150: Outdoor activities will continue but may be modified including decreased intensity and more frequent breaks.
  • AQI 151-200: Outdoor activities will be limited to one hour and modified including decreased intensity and more frequent rest periods. Drop in, self-guided activities will usually remain available. See below for details.
  • AQI 201 or higher: Outdoor activities will normally be suspended or cancelled.


Camps and program notifications: We aim to email participants in registration programs 1-2 hours prior to the start of the activity if it is delayed, relocated or canceled due to smoke. In the event that an activity is in progress and needs to be canceled, phone calls will be made to pick up your child within one hour.

Drop-in activities: Online schedules will be updated to keep you informed of facility and program cancellations. Check online schedules before heading to your activity.

Website and social media may be used in large-impact air conditions.

Thunderstorm closures

Outdoor activities, including outdoor pools and athletic activities, will be suspended when lightening or thunder is observed. The activities will resume 30 minutes after the last lightening and/or thunder event. Because thunderstorms are often unpredictable, we cannot usually provide advance notice of suspended operations.

Modifications to Outdoor Activities (Above 151 AQI)

When the AQI reaches above 151, outdoor activities will be modified if they cannot be moved indoors:

  • Short Programs (less than 75-minutes): will be limited to light activities and increased rest periods if they cannot be relocated indoors.
  • Half day and full-day programs: will be moved indoors or postponed/canceled if no indoor location is available. If relocated indoors, outdoor time will be limited to a total of one hour with light activities and increased rest periods.
  • Drop-in activities: Adult and all ages self-directed activities such as lap swim, family swim and roller skating will continue if staff is able to safely work.