Public Health Advisory

Modified operations due to COVID-19:
Parks and trails open with temporary use and distancing rules.
Basketball courts closed | Playgrounds open

Juniper Swim & Fitness Center: Fitness and swimming open
Summer registration open and programs underway

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COVID-19 Updates for Bend Park & Recreation District

Updated as of 11:00 am, July 9, 2020:

Bend Park and Recreation District is in regular communication with public health officials regarding COVID-19 and taking steps to limit community exposure to COVID-19 in accordance with state officials and public health guidance. District leaders are evaluating if the local situation warrants additional operation impacts beyond the measures in place now. Please check back frequently for updates.

For details: Visit our BPRD News page for the most recent news releases.

About Using Parks & Trails

Parks and trails are open with the following rules in place. Park restrooms are open.

  • Basketball courts are closed.
  • Playgrounds, skateparks and pickleball, tennis, horseshoes, volleyball, and bocce ball courts are open.
  • Walking, running, biking, skating or using a wheelchair or other mobility device while maintaining at least 6 feet between people is allowed.
  • Off-leash dog areas, picnic shelters and restrooms remain open.
  • Bring your own water. Drinking fountains are not available.
  • Wash hands before and after any visit to a park or trail.
  • If this is not possible or if you are sick, stay at home – do not use a park or trail.

Distancing on the trails done right. Tips for getting outside for some exercise:

  • Use wide trails to stay six feet from others while passing.
  • Visit less popular trails at less busy times. Most BPRD trails are open 5 am to 10 pm. If crowded, go elsewhere or at another time.
  • Offer a wide berth when passing and if approaching from behind, say a friendly “hello, passing on your left.”
  • Keep your dog on leash. It’s the law in Bend.
  • Go with members of your household or a small group. No large groups.
  • Wash your hands before and after a visit.
  • If you’re sick, stay home.

Map indicating one-way trail instructions for the South Canyon stretch of the Deschutes River Trail.
Temporary Use Rule: One-Way Trail
The South Canyon stretch of the Deschutes River Trail is temporarily a one-direction trail until further notice.

  • This trail is temporarily closed to bikes.
  • Servicing of Parks
    Park Services staff continue to regularly clean park restrooms and have installed signage in all restrooms cautioning people to wash hands before leaving the restroom.

    Floating & Paddling The River: Know Before You Go

    PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT: For all river recreation activity

    Temporary use rules:

    • Stay six feet from others on land and on water.
    • Wait for others to enter/exit at river access points. Don't clog up access.
    • Visit less popular sections and/or at less busy times.
    • Go with members of your household or small groups. No large groups.
    • Wear a lifejacket or PFD. Be prepared - the water temperature is shockingly cold.
    • Bring your own tube. There are no tube rental services in parks.
    • Plan to walk; there is no shuttle service.
    • Wash hands before and after a visit.
    • Bring your own water. Drinking fountains are not available.
    • Keep dogs on leash. It's the law in Bend.
    • If you're sick, stay home.

    Playgrounds, Pools & Basketball/Volleyball Courts

    Playgrounds have reopened. Temporary rules for use of the playgrounds are as follows:

    • Playground visitors are encouraged to wash hands before and after visiting a playground.
    • Maintain physical distancing of at least six feet.
    • Bring hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes for personal use on any surfaces touched.
    • Any individuals who are sick or may have contacted someone with COVID-19 should stay home.

    Playground equipment were inspected and closure marking removed; however, the amenities will not be sanitized by the park district.

    Basketball and volleyball courts

    • Volleyball courts have reopened, but basketball courts remain closed at this time. This is in accordance with Oregon Health Authority requirements.

    Juniper Swim and Fitness Center Pools 

    The 50-meter outdoor pool and 25-meter indoor pool opened June 22 for lap swim, workout on your own and water exercise classes. Family Swim returns on July 10 and private party pool rentals being on July 13. Pool users can register online or by phone at (541) 389-7665.

    Large Sports Tournaments & Community Events

    Due to public health officials’ limits on group size, there are no large sports tournaments or community events being hosted at BPRD parks or facilities in Summer 2020.

    • Community events and large sport tournaments have been canceled or postponed accordingly.
    • Athletic fields are available for rent to small groups or clubs for non-contact sports practices and games with specific OHA COVID-19 guidance.
    • View park and facility rental information now.

    Facilities Reopening

    Juniper Swim & Fitness Center – reopened for indoor and outdoor swimming and fitness activities with limited use/reservations only.

    Bend Senior Center – closed until further notice.

    The Pavilion – reopened for youth programs only as of June 15.

    Art Station – reopened for youth programs  only as of June 15.

    District Office – closed until further notice.

    Park Services Office – closed until further notice.

    We will do our best to become fully operational as soon as we safely can.

    Statewide Face Covering Mandate

    The statewide face covering mandate will affect our public facilities beginning Wednesday, July 1.

    Juniper Swim and Fitness Center

    All participants and visitors 12 years and older entering Juniper Swim & Fitness Center indoor areas are required to wear a face covering. The face covering must be worn at all times and in all indoor spaces, except when doing strenuous physical exercise (i.e. swimming, fitness class, weight room use, etc.) or if a medical condition or disability prevents a person from wearing a face covering. To state it another way, you will need to wear a face covering to and from a registered activity and when using a restroom, and you have the option of removing the face covering when exercising.

    Participants and visitors to the outdoor pool and surrounding outdoor spaces are not required to wear a face covering.

    Please bring your own mask! We have a limited supply of disposable masks available if you forget.

    All other public facilities

    All indoor public spaces are subject to the new rule.

    Summer Registration Now Open

    Summer recreation program registration is now open.

    Payment is not required at time of registration. The fee of a registered program will be due 18 days prior to program start date when the program has been confirmed. If BPRD cancels programs, program fees will be credited to your account or refunded upon request.

    Summer Programs

    Youth summer camps began June 15.

    Other summer programs are canceled:

    • Some summer programs have been canceled.
    • Youth lacrosse and girls’ softball programs are canceled.
    • If you registered for a canceled program, you should have received email notification and a full credit to your account.

    Summer programs can be viewed online at:

    Fall Sports Leagues Registration Open

    Fall sports leagues registration remains open. This includes:

    • Kindergarten soccer league
    • Youth fall soccer league
    • Youth fall flag and tackle football leagues
    • Middle school tennis league
    • Adult fall soccer league
    • Adult fall softball league

    Payment is not required at time of registration. The fee of a registered program will be due 18 days prior to program start date when the program has been confirmed. If BPRD cancels programs, program fees will be credited to your account or refunded upon request.

    About Your Registration & Passes

    Credits will be automatically issued for any canceled or shortened classes and facility passes will be automatically extended for the duration of the closure. There is no need for patrons to request credits and extensions. Refunds are available upon request.

    Contact Customer Service

    Contact Customer Service:

    Should you need to contact the BPRD Customer Service team, they are available:

    Monday – Thursday: 5:30 am  – 6:30 pm
    Friday: 6:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Saturday: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm
    Sunday: Closed

    Questions? Contact:

    COVID-19 Information Resources

    COVID-19 Information Resources:

    BPRD’s Enhanced Operations:

    Prior to the facility closures on March 15, the following measures were undertaken at Bend Park & Recreation District so that visitors can be assured that facilities and programs continue to maintain high standards related to the health and wellness of staff and visitors.

    Center for Disease Control Recommendations

    The Center for Disease Control and Oregon Health Authority recommend the following during this viral episode:

    • Stay at home unless for essential trips.
    • Frequent hand washing and covering coughs and sneezes.
    • Avoid touching mouth, nose or eyes.
    • Practice proper distancing and stay at least six feet from others.
    • Wear face coverings as required.
    • Stay home when you feel sick, especially if you are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms.
    • If you feel sick, call ahead to your healthcare provider to discuss whether you need to be seen and follow their advice to avoid public spaces.
    • Follow guidance of local public health officials as they revise best practices for individual health care.