COVID-19 Updates for Bend Park & Recreation District

Updated June 22, 2022:

Bend Park and Recreation District will no longer require masks in its indoor settings, including for recreation facilities, programs and activities, as of March 12. Health experts strongly recommend high-risk individuals continue to wear masks in public settings.

Thank you to all community members who have taken personal and collective steps to ensure a safer environment for themselves and others with consistent mask wearing. Now it’s time for voluntary, personal choice and respect for individual decisions.


The district has and will continue to follow Oregon Health Authority guidance in all recreation programs and facilities. Our staff efforts will continue by increasing ventilation and the amount of fresh air, regular sanitization of equipment and surfaces, and offering outdoor activities regularly when feasible.

See FAQs below for more details.

Did BPRD consider continuing the mask requirement?

BPRD is a public government agency and we have followed Oregon Health Authority requirements throughout the pandemic. As of March 12, mask use indoors is now a voluntary, personal decision, and mutual respect is an expectation for all in our programs and facilities.

There was discussion about how mask use indoors has been cited as one of the reasons that Oregon has faired better than many other states during the pandemic. We hear regularly from patrons who appreciate BPRD staff efforts to enforce correct mask use when many other service providers chose to avoid those encounters. We’re appreciative of the extraordinary effort by our staff who have worked tirelessly for months to require compliance and the cooperation and support of our many patrons who complied with the mandate.

We respect all perspectives on this topic and choose to focus our efforts on providing the best park and recreation experiences possible while others provide public health expertise. Individuals and households are encouraged to make decisions about their activities based on their circumstances and comfort level.

Are vaccinations required for patrons or employees?

No, showing proof of vaccination status is not a requirement for participation in our programs or as a condition of employment. The one exception is for youth recreation staff members who work in school-based programs and are subject to the same rules as school district employees, subject to change.

What's the procedure for program participants?

If we learn that a participant who attended a program has tested positive for COVID, BPRD will make sure they do not attend the program for 5 days from the onset of symptoms or positive test, whichever was first, as long as they have no fever and symptoms are improving.

BPRD will consider a prorated credit for missed time or a transfer without penalty to another session if a participant needs to miss programs or events due to COVID.

In the event of a known positive case, BPRD will send a general notification to all participants in that class/camp/activity.

The same notification will be sent if an employee tests positive. Notifications will normally be sent by the program supervisor and should be sent as soon as possible after learning of the case.

If a participant is exhibiting COVID symptoms during a program, BPRD will contact parents to have the child picked up and encourage them to test and not return their children to program until either symptoms reside or they have a negative test. BPRD will not test participants nor will we provide tests.

What are the cleaning protocols in indoor facilities?

Above and beyond regular cleaning standards, additional cleaning procedures during the pandemic include:

  • During business hours, air circulation systems are programmed to bring in outside air as much as possible.
  • Patrons are strongly encouraged to sanitize equipment before and after use.
  • The fitness center, fitness rooms and restrooms receive daily deep cleanings with ionized disinfectants.
  • Restrooms are cleaned thoroughly and staff disinfect high touch points.

About Cancellations: Process & Notifications

We value your time and don’t want you to show up to a cancelled activity. It’s important for you to know how we will contact you and the steps you can take to be confident your activity is occurring.

We primarily use our websites and email for information sharing during these times. Here is what you can expect in the event that an activity is cancelled:

  • Registration Programs – An email will be sent if a program session is cancelled. If possible, we may also follow up by phone. Log into your household account to verify your contact info.
  • Drop-in Fitness Classes – Online schedules will be updated to reflect any class cancellations, and if possible, instructor changes. Please check the JSFC, Larkspur or The Pavilion online schedules before leaving home for an activity with us.
  • Drop-in Swimming, Skating and Fitness Center Use – If closures occur, we will post changes on the BPRD website. Swimming pools are the most likely to be impacted due to lifeguard shortages. It is possible that facilities may be open, but pool use limited or not available.
  • Sport Leagues –An email will be sent as well as communication from your volunteer coach.
  • About Program Cancellations: If BPRD cancels a program, fees will be automatically credited to your account or refunded upon request. There is no need to contact Customer Service unless requesting a refund.

Contact Customer Service

Contact Customer Service:

Should you need to contact the BPRD Customer Service team, they are available:

Customer Service Hours:

Mon - Thu: 5:30 am  - 8:00 pm
Fri: 5:30 am - 7:30 pm
Sat: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sun: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Questions? Contact:

Customer Service
General Inquiries: (541) 389-7275
Fitness/Swim: (541) 388-1133

Email Customer Service

Community Health Guidance

The Oregon Health Authority recommend the following precautions related to COVID-19:

  • Get vaccinated or a booster.
  • Mask use in public settings is recommended for high-risk individuals or those who choose to do so.
  • Get tested if feeling ill or exposed to someone with a confirmed case.
  • Frequent hand washing and covering coughs and sneezes.
  • Stay home when you feel sick, especially if you are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms.