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About the Tour des Chutes &
Bend Park & Recreation District Partnership

The Tour des Chutes and Bend Park and Recreation District have partnered to provides cancer survivors and their families with easy and affordable access to a wide array of fitness, recreation and enrichment opportunities.

Tour des Chutes provides funding for vouchers for cancer survivors to be distributed by health care professionals to patients with financial need.


How much are the vouchers worth and how can they be used?

Each voucher will cover up to $150 of the cost of facility passes or program registration for any Bend Park and Recreation District facility or activity. The voucher can be used by the Patient and immediate family members listed on the Patient’s household account with Bend Park and Recreation District.

How do I attain and redeem the voucher to sign up for a pass or class?

You will need to redeem the voucher at St Charles Integrative Therapies or BMC Oncology Nurse Navigator, or one of the following Bend Park and Recreation District locations: Juniper Swim & Fitness Center, Bend Senior Center, The Pavilion or the District Admin Building in Riverbend Park. Once the voucher is redeemed, you may register for activities online or in person at any of the facilities.

Do the vouchers expire?

Yes. Vouchers must be redeemed and funds must be used by the expiration date on the voucher.  If the entire $150 is not used by the expiration date, funds will no longer be available. This is to ensure all available funds are fully utilized.

Can I receive additional vouchers after expiration?

Possibly, depending on available resources. Check with your health care professional.

How were these funds provided?

Tour des Chutes is an annual cycling and running event in Bend that provides funds for Cancer Survivors throughout Central Oregon. Staying active and involved in a community is a core value of Tour des Chutes. Participating in programs with Bend Park and Recreation District is an excellent way of staying active and involved.