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BPRD PSA: Fire Fuels Reduction Project Scheduled at Shevlin Park

February 5, 2016

Released: February 5, 2016

Starting on February 9, Bend Park and Recreation District will be implementing a wildfire fuels reduction project on 37 acres in Shevlin Park. To be conducted on the park’s east side and south of Shevlin Park Road, the work is estimated to take two weeks to complete. No closures are anticipated, but signs will be located at area trailheads notifying users of the work.

“Winter is a great time to be proactive with wildfire prevention,” stated Sasha Sulia, Superintendent of Park Operations at Bend Park and Recreation District. “It’s important we prepare ahead of fire season and properly manage Shevlin Park to reduce the risk of wildfires and increase wildfire protection to the adjacent land and homeowners. With low temperatures and high moisture content, now is a perfect season for fire fuel reduction.”

Supported by Project Wildfire, the project is contracted with Cascade Brush Removal and includes brush and shrub mowing as well as some small tree removal.

“The desired condition of the park is a mosaic landscape with open areas that favor native bunch grasses and forbs while still retaining patches of shrubs for wildlife,” said Sulia. “Over time, the fire fuels reduction work will create a healthier, more diverse, fire-resilient plant community.”

For additional information on fire fuel reduction at Bend Park and Recreation District, contact Sasha Sulia, Superintendent of Park Operations at (541) 706-6203.