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2012 Comprehensive Plan Update

January 1, 2015

2012 Comprehensive Plan Update

The district has been reviewing and updating its Comprehensive Plan.

A comprehensive plan is a tool used by park planners and the Board of Directors to anticipate and plan for growth in park, trail, facility and recreation program demand. Essentially it is a road map for the District and speaks to issues identified by the Board and the community. The recent update addressed changes in the community’s needs and interests.

Click here for more information on the district’s Comprehensive Plan.

Decisions made during the comprehensive plan update project have significant impacts on addressing the future park, recreation and facility needs of the community. District residents were invited to review and comment as draft chapters of the plan revision became available. A formal hearing on the Plan was held before the District Board of Directors on January 15, 2013.

The final version of the 2012 Comprehensive Plan Update was adopted by Board Resolution #351 on February 5, 2013.  The final version of the Plan can be viewed via this link:

2012 Comprehensive Plan Update (Note: 4 MB)

Questions?  Contact Steve Jorgensen, Park and Trail Planner at (541) 706-6153 or email at steve@bendparksandrec.org. or mail to 799 SW Columbia St., Bend Oregon 97702