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Frequently Asked Questions

What changes are coming soon? 

The Juniper Swim & Fitness Center’s indoor pools – the 25-meter pool and the children’s pool – will receive critical renovations beginning after Labor Day.  While the pool sizes and configuration will not change, the pools, deck and supporting mechanical systems will be essentially new. The new pools will have a deck level overflow system similar to the 50-meter pool making access easier and safer. The pools will also feature cushioned, slip resistant floors similar to the activity pool improving comfort and safety. State-of-the-art water filtration and treatment systems will ensure a high-quality water conditions for all users while also providing energy and water savings. Overall, the improvements will extend the life of the pool for the next generation of Bend residents.

Why are we doing this?  

The Juniper indoor pool opened in 1978 and is showing its age after more than 4 decades of daily use. It’s necessary to give it a critical renovation to ensure we’re taking care of what we have. We want to ensure Juniper continues to meet the community’s needs for many more years to come.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved access and safety through deck level overflow system – no step down to the water.
  • Added comfort, performance and safety with the cushioned, slip resistant pool floors.
  • Improved water and air quality with new state-of the-art filtration and water treatment systems.
  • Energy efficiency and water conservation gains through new mechanical systems.
  • Reduced maintenance costs and down time by eliminating need to regularly paint pools.

What is going to happen to my class?

Most of the programs currently offered in Juniper’s indoor pools will be relocated with minimal impacts. Programs have been evaluated for what water temperatures are best suited for the activities and will occur next fall and winter in either the 50-meter pool at Juniper or at the Larkspur Community Center’s new pool.

Will my pass work at Larkspur?

Yes, future passes will be valid at both facilities. – details TBD.

Number of offerings?  Exact Dates?  When will you know?

Details will be finalized and available this summer. Please check the Playbook and online for the most up to date information.

Parent Child Play? Rec Swim?

Yes, there will be opportunities for families and children to enjoy the new pool at Larkspur Community Center. It’s important for the new facility to meet multigenerational needs as well as expanded offerings to older adults.

What else will be affected?

During the Juniper renovation project, there will be some construction activity staged on the lawn adjacent to the natatorium and in the lower parking lot on the northside of the facility. We know parking can be challenging at times and will work closely with the construction company to keep their use of the space to a minimum.  The Juniper Park project is adding more than 30 new spaces that will ready for use by this summer.

Will we improve accessibility?

The renovation project will meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and improve access for everyone. The deck level overflow system will eliminate the current open gutter and step down required to enter and exit the pool. Additionally, the slope of the new pool decks will be more gradual and easier to navigate.

Community members with mobility challenges are encouraged to visit Larkspur Community Center with several amenities including an at-grade lift, deck showers, etc.

Will the hot features be open during renovation? Are they getting an upgrade?

The hot features will not be open for use during the pool renovation project. The location within the construction area does not allow for public access. The hot features were updated 2 years ago and will not part of the upcoming project.

There will be a hot tub available at the Larkspur Community Center.