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Hazardous Ponderosa Tree To Be Removed From Drake Park

March 11, 2016

For many years, Drake Park has been home to numerous trees providing shade and beauty to park users. Now, one of the park’s large ponderosa pines will need to be removed due to decay and potential safety hazard for park amenities and visitors. Tree removal is planned for Monday and Tuesday, March 14 – 15.

In April 2015, a large branch fell from the ninety-foot tall ponderosa pine tree located near the park’s restrooms onto a paver walkway below. After examination by a certified arborist, it was determined that the tree suffered from a structural defect and significant decay. As a result, other large branches are susceptible to falling.

“As people who care for nature and parks, removing an old growth tree from one of Bend’s most loved parks is never an easy decision, but the tree is dangerous,” states Sasha Sulia, BPRD Superintendent of Park Operations.

It is anticipated that the tree’s wood will be milled depending upon the quality.

a hazardous ponderosa pine ready to be felled