Shevlin Park: Small Pile Burning Underway

Monday, Dec. 6 & Tuesday, Dec. 7: BPRD crews are conducting small pile burning operations in Shevlin Park. Some smoke may be visible. The park remains open.

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Alpenglow Community Park

61049 15th St, Bend, OR 97702, USA

Project Phase


Project Overview

This 37-acre park site is characterized by semi-arid high desert vegetation with mature stands of Ponderosa Pine, Junipers and a basalt ridge designated as an area of special interest by the City of Bend. This new community park will provide opportunities for a wide array of recreation activities for all ages and four-legged friends while retaining natural characteristics of the existing landscape.  Design plans include a splash pad, dog park, open lawn space, an event space, and demonstration garden.

The park is currently under construction with project completion estimated for spring/summer 2022. The installation of the COID bridge and trail work is complete.


37 acres at 61049 SE 15th Street

$11.3 million

System Development Charges and some funds from the bond to help purchase the property.

Spring/Summer 2022

Contact Information

For more information on the Alpenglow Community Park, please contact

Ian Isaacson

Landscape Architect

Tel: (541) 706-6154


Current Status:

Alpenglow Park construction began October 2020. The construction contract for the building of the park has been approved and the COID bridge installation along 15th street north of the project site is currently in process, along with site grading and other preparatory actions for the property’s development.

A future art piece at Alpenglow Park, to be donated by Art in Public Places, is moving forward with a Call to Artists.  A public input phase is planned for early 2022 when community members will be invited to view finalist models before a selection is made. The call to artists is at:

Project History:

Construction Contract granted – January 2021

Bridge installation – January 2021

Land Use and Conditional Use Permits granted – March 2020

Roats Water line relocation work – Summer/Fall 2019

Community Outreach:

Woodside Ranch Homeowners Association meeting – April 24, 2018

Old Farm Neighborhood Association meeting – April 9, 2018

Southeast Bend Neighborhood Association  meeting – March 8,2018

Latino Outreach Open House – February 23, 2018

Public Open House – February 22, 2018

Public Open House –  January 25, 2018

Southeast Bend Neighborhood Association meeting – January 24, 2017

Old Farm District Neighborhood Association meeting – April 20, 2017

Public Outreach Survey Re-Released – Opened April 3, 2017 and Closed April 17, 2017

Public Outreach Survey Results

Public Open House – February 15, 2017

Public Outreach Survey – Opened January 2017  and Closed February 14, 2017

What construction is going on right now?

Alpenglow Park construction is underway

  • Initial tree removal – October 2020
  • Construction – Early 2021-2022

For safety, please stay clear of the work area. Thank you for patience as we build your new park.

Why must trees be removed?

This area will be developed into an open lawn space and parking area. More than 100 new trees will be planted as part of the new park construction.

The park will retain 90% of existing trees for natural beauty. 60 trees will be removed as part of the initial work in October and donated to the Nativity Woodlot and Firewood program to be shared with local families in need.

For safety, please stay clear of the work area. Thank you for patience as we build your new park.

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