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Project Phase


Project Overview

District staff have been working on safety improvements for Central Oregon Historic Canal Trail crossings across several roadways in south Bend. The district is working with the City of Bend to construct trail crossings at two locations where the trail crosses major arterial roads.  The first crossing completed is where the trail crosses 15th Street south of Reed Market Road near Chloe Lane. Through an interagency agreement, the district provided funding to the City of Bend to construct this crossing as part of the Murphy Road project.  In May, the City of Bend completed a new trail crossing of 3rd Street that includes trail user activated rapid flashing beacons, a center lane refuge island, and new signage and pavement markings, greatly improving trail user safety in this location.  Future safety improvements are planned at the Blakely Road, Brosterhous Road, Ferguson Avenue and 27th Street crossings.

Multiple crossings from Brookswood to Nottingham


System Development Credits


Contact Information

For more information on the Central Oregon Historic Canal Trail Crossings, please contact

Henry Stroud

Trail Planner

Tel: (541) 706-6155


May 2020 – 3rd Street and COHCT crossing (between Brosterhous and Fred Meyer shopping complex).  3rd Street and Central Oregon Historic Canal Trail Safety Crossing

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