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Empire Crossing Park

63145 lancaster, bend

Project Phase


Project Overview

The District acquired a small neighborhood park located in the Empire Crossing subdivision, previously owned and maintained by the home owners association. Plans include upgrading the existing playground, irrigation system and minor landscape and trail improvements in the park. A public outreach program began this October to garner neighbor feedback on the design concepts. Completion of the park upgrades is scheduled to be finished by Summer 2019.

63145 Lancaster Street


System Development Charges


Contact Information

For more information on the Empire Crossing Park, please contact

Ian Isaacson

Project Manager

Tel: (541) 706-6154

Email: Ian@bendparksandrec.org

Neighborhood Outreach Meeting – October 3rd, 2018, Boyd Acres Bend Elks Club, 6:00-7:00 PM

Questions or feedback on the design options?  Have other ideas or concepts you would like to see for the park? Leave your questions or comments with an email address for any possible follow up.

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