Bend Senior Center Summer Closure

May 26 – June 2: Senior Center patrons may use their pass at Juniper Swim & Fitness Center.
June 3 – 14: Senior Center fitness classes held at The Pavilion and District Office.
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Hollygrape Park ADA Upgrades

19489 Hollygrape Street, Bend, OR, USA

Project Phase


Project Overview

Repair and/or replacement of the existing paved pathways at this neighborhood park has become necessary due to tree root disruption and heave that has occurred over the years.  This disruption has caused the pathway to become out of ADA compliance and standards.  District staff will assess and evaluate the needs of the path through the park.

19489 Hollygrape Street


Property Tax

Fall/Winter 2020

Contact Information

For more information on the Hollygrape Park ADA Upgrades, please contact

Brian Hudspeth

Development Manager

Tel: (541) 706-6137


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