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Northpointe Park

Wellington Street, Bend, OR, USA

Project Phase


Project Overview

This new neighborhood park will be on the north side of Cooley Road to serve residents in this growing residential area that has been an under-served area to date.  The park entails the compilation of five separate pieces of property; three residential tax lots, a piece from Pacific Corp., and a piece from the City of Bend.

East of Wellington Street and north of Rockhurst Way

$2.5 million

System Development Charges

Spring 2021

Contact Information

For more information on the Northpointe Park, please contact

Brian Hudspeth

Development Manager

Tel: (541) 706-6137

Email: Brian@bendparksandrec.org

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Questions or feedback on the design options?  Have other ideas or concepts you would like to see for the park? Leave your questions or comments with an email address for any possible follow up.

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