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Deschutes River Access Plan

old mill bend oregon

Project Phase


Project Overview

Image of Bend Park and Recreation District properties with river access to the Deschutes River.

Bend Park & Recreation District is planning for recreational access and riparian habitat restoration at parks along the Deschutes River. This effort is just beginning, and we want to hear from you along the way.

River use has grown in popularity in recent years. Bend’s last sawmill closed 26 years ago. River recreation in Bend city limits became legal only 14 years ago.

Today, park district residents own 16 parks along the Deschutes River and many possibilities to play in the water. Over 250,000 people floated through the Bend Whitewater Park last summer. However, in a recent survey, residents indicated that access to the river is still a top need.

All this use has the potential to cause impacts such as riparian area trampling and bank erosion. Staff has completed an inventory and assessment of riverbank conditions on BPRD-owned property. This assessment summarized conditions and identified opportunities for restoration and improved river access.

The river access plan will involve the community to understand what types of access there should be, where recreational access and habitat restoration should occur, and which locations are priorities, given limited funding.

A first pilot project is currently underway at Riverbend Park.

16 parks along the Deschutes River


Property Tax


Contact Information

For more information on the Deschutes River Access Plan, please contact

Sarah Bodo

Park Planner

Tel: (541) 706-6118

Email: SarahB@bendparksandrec.org