Personal Training

Personal Training

Whether you are getting back into a fitness or need a jump start to make your fitness goals a reality. Get started right with a personal trainer to customize a program just for you! Our personal training services go beyond traditional weight room training. Other services include: privates sessions in Yoga, Pilates and Indoor Cycling, post rehab and therapeutic aquatic training. All JSFC trainers are professionally trained and certified and have over 85 years of combined education and experience! Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your first session, to fill out necessary paperwork and payment.

To find the right program or personal trainer, please call or email Monica or Alli at (541)706-6188 or

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We offer the following options:

  • Initial Personal Consultation and Assessment Session – This 1.5 hour initial consultation includes a fitness assessment, goal setting and a customized workout program. All the tools you need to start your program off on the right track. Fee: $75
  • Personal Training Session – One time training designed to take your customized program to the next level. Fee: $60
  • Training Packages – 3 sessions receive a 5% discount. 6 or more sessions receive a 10% discount.
  • Partner Training – Each person will receive a 25% discount when training together. Work out partners must be compatible, have no medical considerations and complete all sessions together. Rates are per person.
  • Therapeutic Next Step Program – Safely move beyond physical therapy and take the next step to recovery. Both water and/or land exercise programs can be developed to meet your needs. Fee: $75

Cancellation Policy – Please call to cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment or you will be charged for your session.

Training Rates
Introductory Session  $75
Single Session  $60
3 Session Package  $171
6 Session Package  $324
Partner Intro Session  $56
Partner Single Session  $45
Partner 3 Session Pkg.  $128
Partner 6 Session Pkg.  $243

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Alli Jorgensen

Alli Jorgensen

Personal Trainer: Alli Jorgensen
Years of experience: 14+

Education, Certifications & Training:

  • BA – Sociology. University of San Diego
  • Massage Therapy Program – COCC
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Group Fitness Instructor
  • Certified Cycle Reebok Professional Instructor
  • Certified  Arthritis Foundation Water Exercise Instructor
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Watsu Practitioner
  • CPR Certified

Services Offered: 

  • Muscle strengthening and endurance
  • Functional strength training

Training Philosophy: My work history includes 14+ years of teaching fitness at JSFC and two years as a rowing coach at the University of California at San Diego. I enjoy sports, and love to spend time biking, hiking, skiing and sailing with my husband and our three children. I am on a continuous path of learning, and love to teach others what I know about the body. I like it when I hear comments like, “I was out skiing the other day, Alli, and I heard you in my head reminding me to keep my core strong.” I try to convey the importance of a focused exercise routine and not just going through the motions. I want to help my clients safely challenge themselves every workout and to have fun doing it.

To schedule your personal training appointment with Alli, please call (541) 389-7665 or

Cherie Touchette


Personal Trainer: Cherie Touchette
Years of Experience: 20

Education, Certifications & Training:

  • MA – Exercise Physiology (all course work/no thesis). San Diego State University
  • BA – Exercise Physiology. San Diego State University
  • BA – Hotel Management. UW-Stout
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Spinning Certified
  • Certified Cycle Reebok Professional Instructor

Services Offered:

  • Injury (chronic/traumatic) rehabilitation, maintenance and prevention
  • Sport specific conditioning and biomechanical analysis
  • Multi-sport coaching – beginner to elite-swim, bike (road & mountain), run

Training Philosophy: The core of my fitness philosophy is based on attention to detail and belief that whatever level of conditioning one is at, it should be done properly. Form before function; there should be an advanced level of activity without correct form because this will cause injury. From this foundation, I effectively and successfully work with each individual no matter what level they are at, or what level they wish to achieve.

To schedule your personal training appointment with Cherie, please call (541) 389-7665 or

Dave Zimmerman


Personal Trainer: Dave Zimmerman
Years of Experience: 15+

Education, Certifications & Training:

  • BS – Exercise Science & Physical Education. Michigan State University
  • Pilates – PhysicalMind Institute
  • Keiser Power Pacing
  • Study and practice of T’ai Chi & Chi Kung
  • 10 yrs. of work and continuing ed. at The Marsh, an internationally acclaimed mind/body fitness facility
  • Extensive experience with Developmental Disabilities

Services Offered:

  • Mind/body emphasis
  • Post-Rehab and chronic health issues
  • Functional strength & postural issues
  • Recreational Athletes
  • Chronic health issues

Training Philosophy: I have seen many people over many years in the Fitness Industry focus on aesthetics or ascribe to a “no pain/no gain” philosophy only to realize whatever gains they’ve made aren’t sustainable. I like to focus on healthy habits and on quality of movement, on feeling good and enjoying activities. My emphasis is on the freedom provided when one maintains one’s health and learns to move efficiently, effectively and joyfully.

To schedule your personal training appointment with Dave, please call (541) 389-7665 or

Jaime Dispenza

Personal Trainer: Jaime Dispenza
Years of Experience: 17+

Education, Certifications & Training:

  • BA – California State University, Long Beach
  • USA Triathlon Certified Coach
  • USA Triathlon Certified Youth & Junior Coach
  • USA Cycling Certified Coach
  • IRONMAN Certified Coach, Specializing in 70.3 and Full-Distance Ironman events
  • CPR Certified

Services Offered:

  • Multi-sport coaching including: swimming, cycling and running with a focus on endurance for racing
  • Individual and group swim instruction with an emphasis on technique and skills needed for triathlon
  • Cycling instruction including bike fitting and  lactate threshold testing, resulting in a more efficient approach to training
  • Run coaching aimed towards optimum
  • Performance for your next event from a 5K to Marathon

Training Philosophy: My multi-sport experience started more than 17 years ago. Like many, I was intrigued with the idea of just completing my first triathlon. Once that first race was under my belt, I just began to crave more knowledge and a better understanding of what would propel the body further and faster both physically and mentally. My happiest and most successful athletes have adopted triathlon as a year-round lifestyle, propelling them towards health and happiness. The races just become the cherry on top.

To schedule your personal training appointment with Jaime, please call (541) 389-7665 or

Lynley Bouchard

Education, Certifications & Trainings:

  • Prior to a career in fitness, Lynley has been a professional horse trainer for decades
  • Focused training and experience with the 55 and over population
  • Aqua fitness for all levels and ages
  • Gentle fitness training
  • Mobility, Memory, Balance Training
  • Degree in Marketing from The University of Arizona
  • Degree in Fitness Technology from Portland Community College
  • Level 3 ADAPT Certified Trainer
  • ACSM Trainer

Lynley arrives at BPRD with enthusiasm and dedication to fitness that spans a lifetime.  Her energy and excitement is contagious and will encourage and motivate clients of all ages, skill levels, and ambitions. She has a passion to help and encourage those who suffer from chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and overall muscle and body weakness, and those who suffer from the ill effects of Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  She can provide personal training to clients who desire to improve their existing fitness levels through goal setting and a motivational style to achieve those landmark successes for anyone at any level!

To schedule your personal training appointment with Lynley, please call
(541) 389-7665 or


Murphy McFarland


Personal Trainer: Murphy McFarland
Years of Experience: 12

Education Certifications & Training:

  • BA – Physical Education. University of Washington
  • USAT Triathlon Certified Coach
  • IFPA Functional Strength Training
  • IFPA Sports Nutrition
  • IFPA Personal Trainer
  • Certified Cycle Reebok Professional Instructor

Services Offered:

  • Functional strength training
  • Swim, Bike and Run (technical, endurance, power)

Training Philosophy: As a USAT triathlon coach, trainer and participant, I try to use my education and experience to motivate my clients to think long term in their fitness objectives. I believe in planning and structuring training phases and setting proper short term goals in pursuit of ones long term objective.

To schedule your personal training appointment with Murphy please call (541) 389-7665 or

Phyllis Small

Personal Trainer: Phyllis Small

Years of Experience: 30

Education, Certifications & Training:

  • AA – Park Management. West Valley College
  • BA – Communication and Humanities. Stockton State
  • International Sports Science Associations
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA)
  • Certified Cycle Reebok Professional Instructor
  • 24 hour fitness Group Exercise
  • Yogafit levels 1 , 2, 3, 4, & 5

Services Offered:

  • Land and aquatic training
  • Indoor Cycling, Pilates and Yoga
  • Cross training and total fitness

Training Philosophy:In 2004, Phyllis left one volcanic mountain range for another and moved from Maui to Bend. With her she brings an Aloha Spirit and a “No Worries” attitude to training. But make no mistake, if adherence to form and function and an intense workout is what you seek: you’ve come to the right woman! By integrating Body, Mind and Spirit – Phyllis uses cross training to help her clients reach and maintain their fitness goals. She advocates two beliefs: Be committed to your training but enjoy the journey!

To schedule your personal training appointment with Phyllis, please call (541) 389-7665 or

Vanessa Gottfried

Personal Trainer: Vanessa Gottfried
Experience: 11+ years

Education, Certifications & Training:

  • BS – Environmental Science. Hendrix College
  • AFAA Certified: Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor
  • Certified Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program Instructor
  • Keiser Certified Indoor Cycle Instructor
  • AFFA Practical Yoga Instructor Training
  • Certified PiYo Instructor
  • AFAA Courses: Perinatal Fitness, Prehab VS Rehab, Physical Fitness for Older Adults, Yoga and Pilates on the Ball
  • Yogafit Anatomy and Alignment
  • 8 Movement Tai Chi for Balance
  • Comprehensive Study of Classical Pilates
  • Lifelong study of Ballet and Dance

Services Offered:

  • Strength, Cardio, and Functional Fitness Training
  • Emphasis on Core Conditioning and Balance
  • Special Populations: older adults, pre/postnatal, chronic health issues
  • Fitness assessments
  • Teen fitness

Training Philosophy:It is my belief that exercise is essential for living a high quality life. Strength, flexibility, and balance are necessary components for both physical and emotional well-being. I work with clients to create a routine that is enjoyable and comfortable, while continually providing a challenge. My focus is always on safety, and the importance of a mind-body connection. I teach body awareness and how to move efficiently, to transform the way you think, feel and live.

To schedule your personal training session with Vanessa, please call (541) 389-7665 or