aerial of Deschutes River

The Deschutes River corridor in Bend is an approximate eight-mile stretch of river and includes 16 parks BPRD parks. The Deschutes River Access and Habitat Restoration Plan (River Plan) was adopted in November 2021 after a two-year planning process and identified 28 projects that will improve river access and restore habitat. The plan will guide improvements at 14 of the 16 parks along the Deschutes River.

Development of the River Plan was community and data driven, and over the two-year planning process, the district had over 4,700 touchpoints with the community. These were instrumental to the decision of the projects included in the plan, and the community will continue to have the opportunity to provide feedback on individual projects as the plan is implemented.

For more information about the River Plan, please contact:

Rachel Colton
Park Planner
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