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Get Connected with the BPRD Fitness App

BPRD has a tool to track your workouts using puck sensors on selectorized fitness equipment and cardio equipment at Larkspur and Juniper. The app allows you to:

  • Goal Center with personal goals for frequency, time, calories burned & more
  • Challenges from the BPRD fitness team across the facility
  • App integration with Garmin, Run Keeper, Fitbit, Apple Health & more
  • Connected workouts that automatically sync with your device

Download the app and get started.

Take a Tour!

There's a lot of new fitness and swim opportunities at Juniper and Larkspur. Schedule a tour or orientation with the pros and let's get started on your fitness journey.

Fitness classes are available at Juniper Swim & Fitness Center, a state-of-the-art facility with a variety of quality fitness and aquatic programs. It’s a community fitness, wellness and recreation facility open to people of all ages and abilities and offers numerous group fitness classes per week in both land and in the water.

Fees & Passes: Multi-facility swim and fitness fees, passes and discounts available.

Note: During inclement weather or poor air quality, be sure to check schedules regularly for possible cancellations or location changes.

How are we doing? Tell us what you think. Take the fitness survey.

Weekly Fitness & Swim Schedules

Let us know what you think – Take the fitness survey.