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It’s your summer to play your way!

During the summer, the PAC takes over The Pavilion – Bend’s newest and most exciting recreation center!

Each day is different as you get to choose what you want to do! There are always awesome choices whether you want to ”play hard or chill out.”

We’re talking climbing the rock wall, skateboarding and scootering, playing water games, floating the river, stand up paddle boarding, outdoor adventuring, getting into crazy, unique activities, creating art and playing your favorite games. It’s any way you want to spend your day, even just hanging with friends.

So that everyone has an awesome time at The Pavilion, PAC staff are big kids at heart who also know the importance that positive choices and safety play into having a good time.

Play Hard. Chill Out.

Image of the PAC childcare skatepark features open during summer break.

Come Drop In! Want to come join in The PAC at the last minute? No problem! Kids can come at any time throughout the day. Perfect for locals and visitors alike, kids can drop in at The PAC and pay the daily or half-day rate. No pre-registration necessary!

Dates: Monday – Friday: 6/18 – 8/31 (no program 7/4)
Full-day: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
AM Half-day: 7:00 – 1:00 pm
PM Half-day: 12:00 – 6:00 pm

Grades: 3 – 5: At The PAC, you decide how to spend your day! Choose between your favorite activities like group games and cool art projects, as well as opportunities to try new things and plan off-site adventures. We’ll also have designated areas and lockers just for you including time on the skatepark features and rock wall! Rock on!

Grades: 5 – 8: Banish boring – Don’t just hang out at home, join the PAC! Come spend your day with friends and fill your days with your favorite activities! You’ll also get a chance to plan your own off-site special adventures. Bonus! Those over the age of 12 are able to check themselves in and out of The PAC (with parent pre-approval) and go off-site as needed.

“Pac Out” & Get Outside!

Youth Outdoors + The PAC: Want to max out your outdoor adventures? Look for half-day outdoor programs to match up with a half-day of The PAC for only $24 additional fee. Combine rock climbing, caving and so much more.

Youth Art + The PAC: Combine half-day Art Station programs and match up with The PAC for $24 half-day fee.

PAC Passes:

A variety of passes are available from full-summer to half-day. Purchase a daily pass for each date you would like to attend. This pass allows you to come into The PAC at any time during the day from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Purchase your pass now.

NEW: Siblings can share a 10-visit pass

To accommodate a wide range of families needs, The PAC offers a variety of pass and drop-in fees. Need last-minute care for your child? Drop in at The PAC and pay the daily rate. No pre-registration necessary!

PASSES Program Before May 16
ID         OD
 After May 16
ID         OD
FULL SUMMER 210600 $1380 $1655 Save $270
or more
$1656 $1987  Save $390
or more
10-VISIT PASS 210600  $300 $360 Save $60
or more
 $360  $432   Save $20
or more
DAILY 210601 $38  $46
AM or PM
210602    $24 $29 

NOTE: Special events offered at The PAC may feature an additional fee.

PAC Adventures

Image of kids at the PAC childcare and summer camp.Morning Field Trips: Morning field trips are on a first-come basis and space is limited. Our morning trips will include activities such as the library, games at a park, Cougar Camp Challenges, and some very special events. A schedule will be available each Monday morning.

Afternoon Field Trips: Afternoon field trips are on a first-come basis and space is limited. Sign-ups are at The Pavilion or by calling (541) 389-7588. These trips are set up in advance and are listed below. Please remember that all activities at The PAC are self-selected, participants choose what they would like to do. Staff will not force participation in any activity.

3rd – 4th Grade:
Monday: River Swim
Tuesday: Juniper Swim & Fitness
Wednesday: River Float
Thursday: Standup Paddleboarding
Friday: River Swim

5th – 8th Grade:
Monday: River Float
Tuesday: Standup Paddleboarding
Wednesday: River Swim
Thursday: Juniper Swim & Fitness
Friday: Standup Paddleboarding

All Day Get-A-Ways:
We will have All Day-Get-A-Ways throughout the summer for each age group, grade 3rd – 4th, and grade 5th – 8th. These will be field trips that require more time and transportation than the regular afternoon field trips. These are considered additional fee trips ranging from $5 – $10. Communication with families will go out two weeks prior to the event and registration will be required. Space will be limited. Transportation for these trips will be done by trained staff in Bend-La Pine School District bus.

Logo image of THE PAC at The Pavilion and tag line, Play Hard. Chill Out.PAC Parents:
Stay up-to-date:

Skate Features: Open skatepark with ramps and more. Skateboards and scooters welcome.

Rock Climbing Wall: The mobile rock wall is 26’ high, features multiple route options and is ready for you to learn or polish your skills. Auto-belay system will make your climbing experience fun and safe, even for first-time climbers.

Sports: Basketball • Volleyball  • Badminton
• Pickleball • Dodgeball  • Sprout ball •
Tag games • Floor hockey • Futsal

Tournaments: Badminton • Volleyball •
Basketball • Ping pong  • Foosball

Outdoor Activities:  Swimming • Floating the river • Paddleboarding • Caving • Biking

Field Trips: Floating the river • Columbia Park • Riverbend Park • Farewell Bend Park • Harmon Park • Skyline Park & Sports Complex • Drake Park • Cascades Lakes • Shevlin Park • and MORE!

Contests & Games: Lego & building • Water play • Cornhole • Ladder ball • Bocce ball • Croquet

Art & More: Nature-inspired art  • Phone photography • Beading • Drawing • Paper crafts • Recycled art, upcycling • Chalk art • Science