a cyclist rounds a turn on the arched corner of the pump trackBiking in Bend Parks

Biking in Bend parks is a great activity to share with families and friends alike with fresh air, a little exercise and interesting sights to see. With many off-street trails available, the parks’ trail system is well-suited for all ages to pedal together.

With the rise in popularity of e-bikes, here’s a refresher on the rules for such bikes in Bend parks. Electric-assisted bicycles, as defined in ORS 801.258, and when operated in accordance with these rules, are permitted on trails and pathways except as prohibited by the Executive Director or a Designee. Electric assisted bicycles are subject to all District rules applicable to bicycles.

According to the state of Oregon, “electric assisted bicycle” means a vehicle that:

  •       Is designed to be operated on the ground on wheels;
  •       Has a seat or saddle for use of the rider;
  •       Is designed to travel with not more than three wheels in contact with the ground;
  •       Has both fully operative pedals for human propulsion and an electric motor; and
  •       Is equipped with an electric motor that:
  •       Has a power output of not more than 1,000 watts; and
  •       Is incapable of propelling the vehicle at a speed of greater than 20 miles per hour on level ground.

Above all, respect other trail users, watch your speed, have fun and be safe.  Here are some favorites bike paths and trails to consider:

Biking in Parks Rules

Protect yourself. Helmets, elbow and knee pads and other protective equipment are strongly recommended. Helmets are required for those under 16 years old by Oregon law, ORS 814.485.

Scout your route. Familiarize yourself with the terrain and inspect all features before riding.

Ride progressively. Ride within your limits and skill level. Stay in control at all times.

Respect where you ride. Stay on designated trails. Do not build or alter trails or riding features. Avoid riding trails when muddy.

Respect other riders. Be courteous and give others space. Slow down when trails and features are congested. If you stop, move off to the side of the trail.

Yield to bikes in bike parks. Trails and features are designed specifically for bikes. All other users must yield to bike riders.

Pedestrians and spectators: Be aware of your surroundings. Do not block or obstruct bike park trails or features or sit or stand in visually obstructed areas.

Not allowed: Motorized vehicles, including e-bikes and toys, pets and amplified sound (except by permit) are not allowed in the bike park. E-bikes are permitted on singletrack and multiuse trails and paved pathways.

Bike park hours: Dawn to dusk.

Remember, safety is your responsibility. Parks are not supervised; ride at your own risk. Bike parks, trails and features involve inherent and other risks and cannot be made completely safe.

a child on a bike rides on the skills bike track with natural scenery in the background

Big Sky Bike Park & Trails

Location: 21690 NE Neff Rd.

Surface & Length: Mixed surfacing between the Big Sky Bike Park and natural trails of 0.8 mile out-and-back with no road crossings.

Bend’s new bike destination is Big Sky Bike Park. Designed with community partners, it has elements for riders from beginner to professional. Features include a pump track, learning area, trials area, skills course and singletrack trails.

BMX Park: Bend BMX operates a private BMX track onsite at Big Sky Park. To learn more, contact Bend BMX.

Park Features: Cascade views, playground, picnic shelter, sport fields, off-leash area and natural areas with canals.

A group cycling in Riverbend Park

Deschutes River Trail & Old Mill District

Location: 799 SW Columbia St.

Surface & Length: Paved and natural. 6+ miles including varying loops and out-and-backs with no road crossings. Consisting of both public and Old Mill District-owned trails, the entire system is open to the public.

Nature is combined with an urban environment with the Deschutes River, the Shops at the Old Mill, Bend Whitewater Park, McKay Park, Miller’s Landing Park, Riverbend Park and Farewell Bend Park. Three pedestrian bridges and three tunnels let bikers connect loops while avoiding vehicle traffic. The Old Mill Reach of the Deschutes River Trail is a must-do for all levels of cyclists. With the opportunity to play in parks and enjoy the amenities at the Old Mill, there are lots of activities to go with your cycling adventure.

the haul road trail

Haul Road Trail

Location: 799 SW Columbia St.

Surface & Length: Paved. 3.8 miles starting near McKay Park and heading west towards the city Boundary.

The Haul Road Trail is all about connectivity. It grants cyclists a straightforward route from Downtown to the Deschutes National Forest boundary.  You can also use it to access BPRD’s Deschutes River Trail – South Canyon Reach via Reed Market Road and the Discovery Trail.

Larkspur Soft-Surface Trail for Walking and Biking in Bend

Larkspur Trail – South

Location: 1600 SE Reed Market Rd. or 1310 NE Highway 20

Surface & Length: Paved and fine gravel. 2 miles out-and-back with some road crossings.

Trail Features: Natural area with canal, Larkspur Park with playground and Pliot Butte State Park. The Larkspur Trail is a good choice for grade-school aged riders and older.

Paved path with trail sign in the grass at Pine Nursery park with bikers in the background

Pine Nursery Trail

Location: 3750 NE Purcell Blvd.

Surface & Length: Paved. 1.9 mile loop around the park’s perimeter with some in-park road crossings.

Trail Features: Fishing pond, playground, sports fields and Cascade mountain views. The Pine Nursey Trail is a great choice for biking with grade-school aged children and older.

Biker on the Rockridge Trail

Rockridge Park Trail & Bike Skills Course

Location: 20885 Egypt Dr.

Surface: More than a mile of unpaved and accessible, paved paths that meander through the park with no road crossings. Natural-surfaced bike skills course onsite.

Bike Skills Course: Spanning over a mile, the beginner and intermediate bike skills courses feature dirt trails with obstacles – also known to cyclists as log skinnies, corduroy, boardwalk and armored trail features. Both courses allow riders to choose which obstacles or terrain to ride or bypass as they develop their skills.

Park Features: Rockridge Park Trail features a natural area, playground, picnic shelter, skatepark, disc golf course and rock outcroppings.

Shevlin Park Trail Bike Riding

Shevlin Park Trails

Location: 18920 NW Shevlin Park Rd.

Surface & Length: Paved, fine gravel and natural 9+ miles of trail with several loops and out-and backs available with no road crossings.

The paved service road is relatively level and closed to vehicles making for a perfect beginning adventure for little ones on scoots and first bikes. The park also offers a series of trails for beginner to intermediate mountain bikers and connections to Deschutes National Forest trail system.

Park Features: The Shelvin Park Trails feature Aspen Pond, Tumalo Creek and unique geological and historical features and mixed forest.

Stone creek park's pump track.

Stone Creek Pump Track & Bike Skills Course

Location: 61531 Stone Creek Ln.

Surface & Length: Unpaved paths that meander through old-growth Juniper and rock outcroppings with no road crossings. Natural-surfaced bike skills course onsite with improved features.

The Stone Creek Pump Track & Skills Course offers a hardened dirt pump track for beginners and smaller, beginner bike skills course featuring log skinnies, corduroy, boardwalk and armored trail features.

Park Features: Natural area, playground, skate spot, picnic shelter and iconic rock outcroppings.