Bench Dedications

Bend Park and Recreation District offers the opportunity for dedication of park features located on district properties for community members to commemorate a special person. It is the intent of the district and the Bend Park and Recreation Foundation to honor dedications as a personal expression or memorial while also providing stewardship for public park properties and ensuring those spaces are maintained to be welcoming, inclusive, safe and accessible for everyone.

The dedication opportunity offered is placement of a small bronze plaque at an existing bench or permanently placed picnic table located on park district property. The fee charged for the dedication covers the costs associated with the plaque and installation and includes a donation to the Bend Park and Recreation Foundation’s Recreation Scholarship Fund. This fund provides people in our community with assistance needed to participate in recreation programs and activities that can build confidence, support healthy lifestyles and enrich lives.

Location availability

The dedication program has been offered for many years and for some of the most often requested park and trail locations, there are limited or no options of features available as location for a dedication.

  • For most locations, only dedications that honor people are accepted.
  • Dedications to honor pets will only be considered for designated off-leash areas.
  • Riley Ranch Nature Reserve is not available as a location for dedications.
  • We do not offer opportunity for the installation of a new bench or table at a requested site.

Dedication fee

The current price for a dedication is $2,100 to $2,200, and is based on the work required for installation at the selected site. The fee charged for a dedication covers the cost of a dedication plaque, labor and materials needed to install the plaque and $1,000 as donation to support recreation scholarships. This fee may be adjusted at any time to reflect an increase in costs.

Dedication details

Dedications include a 3” x 8” bronze plaque that is installed at the approved existing bench or permanently placed picnic table. The plaque can include a short and simple message about the person being honored. The text requested is subject to review for appropriateness to the public space.

  • For most locations, the plaque will be installed in the concrete or pavers at the base of the bench or table. If the bench or table does not sit on a solid surface, the plaque may be installed in a boulder near the site.
  • Placement for the plaque will be determined by park district staff.

Dedication longevity

The park district has established 20 years as the minimum term for a dedication. At the end of that term or if the dedication is damaged or needs to be moved, the park district will attempt to contact the purchaser or their successors to share information and options for the dedication.

All dedications are property of Bend Park & Recreation District.

Questions? For information about dedication opportunities, contact:

Kim Johnson
Community Engagement Supervisor
Email Kim Johnson
Adopted park benches in Riverbend Park.