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Update: February 2023

The Bench Dedication program is not available at this time and we are no longer accepting names for an interest list.

As our community has grown, so has the number of dedication requests that the park district receives. Our ability to support this growing interest in addition to our other priorities is being impacted by challenges with materials and staffing.

We understand the importance that dedication opportunities hold for families and thank you for your understanding as we look for ways to support and improve the program.

This page will be updated as information is available.

Bench Dedications

Honoring someone with a dedication of a public park feature is a special way to recognize and support the important role that parks, trails and natural spaces play in our lives. Dedications with Bend Park & Recreation Foundation can celebrate a special person and at the same time, support recreation opportunities for people in our community.

The fee charged for all dedications includes a donation to the Recreation Scholarship Fund, supporting lower income children and families with fees for District programs and helping to provide free community recreation opportunities for everyone to play.

Dedications are bronze cast plaques placed a bench or a permanent picnic table located on Bend Park & Recreation District properties. Availability of benches and tables for dedication is limited and varies by location, with no opportunities available for some parks and sections of the trail system.

Dedication plaques are typically placed in the concrete pad or pavers at the base of the bench or table, or may be placed in a small boulder next to the site, depending on location.  Placement for the plaque will be determined by park district staff.

The dedication plaque can include a simple message about the person being honored. The text requested is subject to approval for appropriateness to the public space. It is the intent of Bend Park & Recreation District and Bend Park & Recreation Foundation to honor dedications as a personal expression while at the same time, providing stewardship and oversight for public land to keep those spaces as welcoming, safe and accessible for everyone. All dedications are property of Bend Park & Recreation District.

The price for a custom dedication placed at an existing bench or table is based on current costs for materials and labor. The fee includes a custom 3” x 8” bronze cast plaque, installation and the donation to support recreation scholarships.

Opportunities for the installation of a new bench at a special location are very limited. Special requests will be reviewed by staff with accessibility, construction and maintenance considerations and usability in mind. Prices vary and cover the full cost of materials and labor for the project, and include a donation to support recreation scholarships.

Dedications Honoring Pets

Opportunity for celebrating the special furry friends in our lives with a dedication is limited to bench and table locations at designated off leash areas.

For information about dedication opportunities and current price, contact:

Kim Johnson
Community Engagement Supervisor
Email Kim Johnson
Adopted park benches in Riverbend Park.