Public Health Advisory

COVID-19 Operations for High Risk Level:
Parks and trails remain open.
Juniper Swim & Fitness Center: Open – reservations needed.
The Pavilion: Open – reservations needed.
The Art Station: Open – registration needed.
Bend Senior Center, other facilities/offices: Closed.
Limited recreation programs offered. Childcare and virtual classes continue.

Learn more about current operations.

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PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT: For all BPRD parks and trails
The parks and trails are calling and you want to play. It’s okay; you can with a few reminders:

  • Maintain at least 6 feet distance from others outside of your household or group.
  • Walking, running, biking, skating or using a wheelchair or other mobility device while maintaining at least 6 feet between people is allowed.
  • Users are strongly encouraged to wear face covering at all times. For adults and children over the age of 5, it is required to wear a face covering if a minimum of 6 feet distance cannot be maintained from those outside of your household or group. People with a disability or medical condition may request accommodation if they cannot wear a face covering.
  • Keep your group size small, with gatherings of no more than 6 people from no more than 2 households.
  • Bring your own water. Drinking fountains are not available.
  • Wash/sanitize hands before and after any visit to a park or trail.
  • Visit less popular parks and trails or at less popular times.
  • Keep dogs on leash; It’s the law in Bend except at designated off leash areas.
  • If you are sick, stay at home – do not use a park or trail.
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    Pine Nursery Skatepath

    Address: 3750 NE Purcell Boulevard
    Pine Nursery Park’s skatepath is open from dawn until dusk in dry conditions.
    The approximately 4,000 square foot skatepath includes:

    • Smooth Skatepath around Pine Nursery Park
    • Restrooms, picnic shelters and other amenities close to the skatepath

    Ponderosa Skatepark

    Address: 225 SE 15th Street
    Ponderosa Park’s
     skatepark is open from dawn until dusk in dry conditions.
    The approximately 4,000 square foot skatepath includes:

    • Half-pipe section
    • Multiple quarter pipe sections
    • Two sets of stairs
    • A variety of wedges, hips and ledges
    • Grind rails and ledges
    • Radius wave
    • Pump bumps and radius wave
    • Restrooms, picnic shelters and other amenities close to the skatepark
    • Bikes and motorized vehicles are not permitted.

    Watch Ponderosa skatepark flyover video


    Rockridge Skatepark

    Address: 20885 Egypt Drive
    Rockridge Park’s skatepark is open from dawn until dusk in dry conditions.
    The approximately 11,000-square-foot skatepark includes:

    • “Lunar-landscape” design
    • Street & bowl features
    • Soft “drop-in” entrances and exit
    • Seasonal restrooms, picnic shelters and other amenities close to the skatepath.
    • Bikes and motorized vehicles are not permitted.

    Stone Creek Skate Spot

    Address: 61531 SE Stone Creek Lane Bend, OR 97702
    Stone Creek Park’s Skate Spot is open from dawn until dusk in dry conditions.
    This skate spot is a mini-skate park with three main features: box, flat rail and ramp

    Boy on scooter on skatepark features

    The Pavilion Skatepark Features

    Address: 1001 SW Bradbury Way Bend, Oregon 97702

    *Note: Due to public health restrictions, the skatepark at The Pavilion is not open to the public.

    The skatepark features at The Pavilion are open for select hours during the summer. There is a fee. View Open Skate schedule here. During this skate time, riders must wear a helmet. Skateboards, inline skates, roller skates and scooters welcome. Sorry, no bikes.

    Skateboarding at Juniper Park in Bend Oregon

    Get tricky.

    Learn more about skateboarding activities
    & camps at Bend Parks and Recreation.
    See current offerings.

    Skatepark Do’s & Don’ts

    The Do’s:

    • Use the park from dawn until dusk.
    • Use the park only when it’s dry.
    • Maintain control and share the park with others.
    • Protect yourself. Helmets, elbow and knee pads and other protective equipment are strongly recommended.
    • Keep the skatepark clean. Keep food, drinks and glass away from the skatepark surface and place trash in receptacles.
    • If someone is acting inappropriately, be a mentor and share tips on skatepark etiquette.
    • Ponderosa skatepark is unsupervised. Use at your own risk and within your own abilities.
    • Be aware: Skateboarding and other appropriate uses of the park are high risk recreation activities that may result in serious injury. BPRD does not assume responsibility for injuries.

    The Don’ts:

    • Avoid using the skatepark when wet or icy.
    • Do not modify the skatepark or bring outside ramps, boxes or other devices.
    • Food and drinks and drinks are not allowed on the skate surface.
    • Glass containers are not allowed in the park.
    • Use and/or possession of alcohol, tobacco products and or drugs is prohibited.
    • Littering, graffiti, stickers and tagging are not allowed.
    • Avoid using abusive, threatening and obscene language and behavior.
    • No pets are allowed in the skate area.
    • Motorized vehicles, scooters and bikes are prohibited.
    • Amplified sound is not allowed except by permit.