Conserving water in your parks has been a priority for more than 15 years. Over the past five years, the District began converting from an irrigation system based on general regional weather conditions to a much more adaptable system.

The new Smartline and Baseline systems use technology to read soil moisture content as well as evaluate weather conditions at individual sites to prescribe the appropriate quantity of water for each of over 1,900 stations throughout the park system.

The program allows for different nozzle sizes and requirements of different landscape zones such as water for shrub versus turf, or water for start-up plantings versus established planting areas.

Another advantage of this new technology is cost savings. The new program costs only a third of its predecessor, saves the District staff time through onsite controls and ensures water is being applied conservatively.

Conversion has already begun with priority installation at large community and sports parks. It’s fully operational at Discovery and Drake Parks. Pine Nursery Park’s conversion is in progress and new parks will include the new irrigation equipment. Transition will be phased in over the next couple years.

Night-Time Watering

Scheduled park watering takes place from 9:00 pm to 8:00 am. If you see watering in a park during the day, it could be for a specific reason like newly planted seed, freshly installed turf, system checks or repairs. It also might not be District property.

For more information, call Park Services at (541) 388-5435.