Big Sky Bike Park

21690 Neff Road, Bend, OR, United States

21690 Neff Road, Bend, OR, United States
(541) 389-7275


Dawn to dusk.

Ride on!

Now open, Bend’s new bike park is at Big Sky Park on Bend’s east side. The bike park was designed in collaboration with community partners and has elements for riders of all skill levels from beginner to professional.

  • It is open daily from dawn to dusk as weather and trail conditions allow.
  • For information about BMX (also at Big Sky Park), visit the Bend BMX Facebook page.

The first phase of Big Sky Bike Park amenities is open as of spring 2023. Bike park features include a pump track, learning area, trials area, skills course and singletrack trails.

Additional bike features will be built in the second phase in the future. Plans include a slopestyle terrain park with start tower and a sessions zone.

graphic map of Big Sky Bike Park showing pump track, trials area, learning area and skills course.

Initially, all bike features were planned to be built in the second phase of construction. In an effort to bring some of the bike park features to the community sooner, BPRD applied for and was awarded a grant through the Bend Sustainability Fund. The Bend Sustainability Fund invests in projects that protect, steward and create sustainable recreational resources and outdoor experiences in Bend’s backyard.

logo for Bend Sustainability Fund, a Visit Bend Project

Bike Park Rules & Recommendations

Protect yourself.

Helmets, elbow and knee pads and other protective equipment are strongly recommended. Helmets are required for those under 16 years old by Oregon law, ORS 814.485.

Scout your route.

Familiarize yourself with the terrain and inspect all features before riding. Natural and man-made terrain can change due to weather, use and maintenance. Do not ride or jump without sight or other awareness of features.

Ride progressively.

Ride within your limits and skill level. Start small and work up to more advanced features as your skills develop. Stay in control at all times.

Respect where you ride.

Stay on designated trails. Do not ride on dirt trails that are muddy. Do not build or alter trails or riding features. Do not ride trails or features if hazardous conditions exist. Obey bike park trail and feature closures.

Respect other riders.

Be courteous and give others space. Wait until it is your turn to use a feature and keep a safe distance between you and the rider in front of you. Slow down when trails and features are congested. If you stop for a break or due to a mechanical issue, move off to the side of the trail.

Yield to bikes.

Trails and features are designed specifically for bikes. All other users must yield to bike riders and refrain from use when the park is busy.

Pedestrians and spectators:

Be aware of your surroundings as other bike park users may move or change directions quickly. Do not block or obstruct bike park trails or features. Do not sit or stand in visually obstructed areas.

Not allowed:

Motorized vehicles, including e-bikes and toys, pets and amplified sound (except by permit) are not allowed in the bike park. E-bikes are permitted on singletrack and multiuse trails and paved park pathways.

Bike park hours: Dawn to Dusk

Remember, safety is your responsibility.

The park is not supervised; ride at your own risk. The bike park involves inherent and other risks and cannot be made completely safe. Observing these practices does not guarantee you will be free from harm. This information does not describe all risks associated with the bike park.

For questions or to report damage, call (541) 388-5435.

Bike Park Features

Trials Area: Observed Trials is a discipline of mountain biking in which the rider attempts to pass through an obstacle course without setting foot to the ground. Riders can test bike handling and control skills with the obstacles in this course.

Pump Track: The pump track is designed so riders do not need to pedal. Riders use their legs to generate momentum with up and down body movements to “pump” around the rollers and berms they encounter on the track.

Learning Area: The learning area is designed for less experienced riders to develop skill and confidence on smaller, less technical versions of features found in other parts of the bike park.

Skills Course: The skills course contains a variety of features for riders to develop technical skills, gain physical strength on their bike and build confidence riding. The course is designed with a bypass route around each feature for riders who do not want to attempt them. The course is one way – counterclockwise.

Single-track Trail: The single-track trails are narrow, natural surface trails. They contain some rock obstacles with bypass routes around more difficult features. The trail is also used by walkers and dogs on leash. Class 1 & 2 e-bikes only are allowed on single-track trails. All other motorized vehicles and toys are not allowed.


Big Sky Bike Park detailed map:

graphic map of Big Sky Bike Park showing pump track, trials area, learning area and skills course.

Big Sky Park & Luke Damon Sports Complex map:

Big Sky Park map

Learn more about the park on the Big Sky Park webpage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the bike park hours? The park is open from dawn to dusk, which will vary seasonally with the daylight fluctuations.

Does it close due to weather? BPRD asks bike park users to not use it in muddy conditions to avoid damage to the amenities. Patience and cooperation are appreciated.

Are helmets required? Helmets are strongly recommended for riders of all ages, and required for those under 16 years old by Oregon law, ORS 814.485. We also recommend elbow and knee pads and other protective equipment for rider safety.

Is the bike park accessible for adaptive riders? Yes, the skills course and the singletrack trails was built to include access for adaptive riders. Non-adaptive riders should expect to encounter adaptive riders on the trails and skills course. Trails conditions are subject to change at any time, which may impact the difficulty and navigability for adaptive cycles.

Does the bike park have restrooms? Big Sky Park has permanent restroom facilities within close proximity to the bike park. They are located south of the BMX track in the concession building and adjacent to Field 6.

Can I rent the bike park for an event or party? Because the bike park is new, we are waiting to best understand use and interest before making it available for rental.

Are dogs allowed at the bike park? No, dogs are not allowed at the bike park. There is a great off-leash area for dogs at Big Sky Park and they are welcome on a leash on trails and in other turf areas of the park.

Who do I call if there is an emergency? Call 911 for any emergencies. There is no on-site medical assistance. To report damage, call BPRD Park Services at (541) 388-5435.