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Temporary use rules:

  • Maintain six-foot distancing from others at all times.
  • Don’t congregate on courts, in common areas, or parking lots. Limit or stagger playing groups.
  • Play singles – doubles play with household members is preferred best practice. Wash hands with soap and water and bring hand sanitizer to courts.
  • Clean and sanitize paddles, rackets and water bottles. Do not share equipment.
  • Avoid touching gates, fences, nets, benches, etc.
  • Use your paddle, racket, or shoe to pass out-of-play balls. Consider wearing gloves to help avoid touching pickleballs or tennis balls.
  • Coordinate your group so each person serves with a different colored or numbered ball. If that’s not an option, mark personal balls for individual use.
  • Virtual handshakes only.

PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT: For all BPRD parks and trails
The parks and trails are calling and you want to play. It’s okay; you can with a few reminders:

  • Face coverings not required outdoors while visiting BPRD parks and trails.
  • Private vendors and event staff with reservations in parks may require face coverings.
  • Consider visiting less popular parks and trails or at less popular times.
  • Learn more.

    Bend Park and Rec Pickleball at Pine Nursery Park


    Pickleball courts are available at:

    Pickleball Classes & Clinics:

    Check BPRD’s current offerings in Pickleball.

    Pine Nursery Park Pickleball Complex

    At Pine Nursery Park 16-Court Complex, open play is available Monday – Saturday, 12:30 pm – dusk and Sunday, all day.

    Reserved organized play through the Bend Pickleball Club is Monday – Saturday, 7:00 am – 12:30 pm.  The public and club members may register for organized play at bendpickleballclub.com. There is a fee.

    Be sure to check the pickleball court availability on the calendar below: