The Bend Park and Recreation District procures goods and services in accordance with Oregon law, rule, district policies, and in a manner that is fair, equitable, and fiscally-responsible.


If you have a request for purchasing and contracts related information, please feel free to contact:

Kristin Toney
Administrative Services Director

Business Opportunities

The district periodically publishes solicitations (e.g. Request for Proposals (RFP), and Invitation to Bid (ITB)), interested parties may find official solicitation documents at the following websites:

Additionally, all solicitations for construction services on public improvement projects are advertised in The Bulletin.


The district disposes of surplus property in accordance with the district’s Public Contracting Rules. Surplus property is routinely offered for sale on GovDeals.


Purchases completed by the district are authorized and governed by the Public Contracting Code, which is formed by Oregon Revised Statutes Chapters 279A, 279B, and 279C. In addition to the Public Contracting Code, the district has adopted its own Public Contracting Rules. The district’s Public Contracting Rules adopted, with some exceptions, the Oregon Attorney General’s Model Rules (Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 137, Divisions 46 through 49).


No district board member, officer, employee, or agent may use their official position to obtain financial gain or avoidance of financial detriment for themselves, a relative or household member, or for any business with which the board member, officer, employee, agent, or their relative or household member is associated.

Public Records

The district’s public records policy and request form are available on the Media Information webpage.