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Community Recreation Survey

Bend Park and Recreation District is updating its Recreation Programming Plan to ensure that future recreation activities and resource continue to align with community needs and priorities. A community Recreation Survey will help the District better understand residents’ desires for organized recreation services. Here are the steps we take in our process to assess community need and prioritize our offerings:

Step one: Mail Survey

A statistically valid survey is being distributed to 5,000 household mailboxes in October 2018. Questions will be asked about what types of recreation programs and services residents currently utilize and want for their household and for the broader community and where priorities should be placed. The District encourages anyone who receives the mail survey to fill it out and provide their valuable insights.

Step two: Open Survey

An online survey will invite all residents to provide feedback and input in November 2018. The online survey will give all residents an opportunity to provide feedback, and responses will be included in the final report to be completed by the end of the year.

Step three: Survey Results

The results of the surveys will be tabulated and provide critical information in determining community values, needs and priorities, to help guide the District’s long-term recreation planning efforts.

Step four: Recreation Programming Plan Development

A revised Recreation Programming Plan will be developed to guide District recreation priorities for the next 5-years. The plan will draw on information gained from the community Recreation Survey results, public input received from the 2017 Comprehensive Plan survey and outreach efforts, current participation data and trends in programs and facilities, focus group and stakeholder input and feedback from ongoing District program evaluations.


BPRD’s last community recreation survey was in 2011. Since that time, two new recreation facilities have been added to the District offerings – The Pavilion and the Art Station – and the population and recreation options in the community have both grown considerable.

For more information contact:

Matt Mercer
Director of Recreation