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Use Juniper North Entrance March 27 to April 7

A fitness flooring replacement project will occur from March 27 to April 7 and the South Lobby will be CLOSED during the work. Use the North Lobby for entry and exit for aquatic and fitness activities and programs.

yoga class

Benefits: Rooted in traditional practices, Mind & Body classes aim to improve your overall health and wellbeing through stretching, focused breathing, relaxation techniques and strengthening movements or poses.

Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, meditation and other practices are known to offer opportunities to build on both physical and mental awareness and wellness.

Locations: Juniper Swim & Fitness Center and Larkspur Community Center

Fees & Passes: Multi-facility swim and fitness fees, passes and discounts available.

Note: During inclement weather or poor air quality, be sure to check schedules regularly for possible cancellations or location changes.

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See the Juniper Swim & Fitness Center facility schedule for all classes and activities. Learn more about Yoga and Pilates classes by clicking the descriptions in the calendar below or checking the Class Descriptions tab.

See the Larkspur Community Center facility schedule for all classes and activities.

For moving in the great outdoors, it’s Fresh Aire Fitness!

Warm, sunny days are ahead! Why not exercise outdoors where you can also improve your state of mind and overall wellbeing. With a change of scenery from Juniper and Larkspur, BPRD offers the following outdoor fitness classes:

Saturday Morning Flow Yoga on the Pavilion Lawn – MIND/BODY

This outdoor class is designed to wake up the body and cultivate peace of mind. Enjoy the calmness of the outdoors and shape your Saturday in a beautiful way with a strengthening morning practice.

  • Saturdays, 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.
  • June 25 – August 27
  • On the lawn at The Pavilion, 1001 SW Bradbury Way
  • Instructors: Lynda Beauchamp and Abby Rauber
  • Drop-in fee or Fitness & Swim Pass
  • Bring a mat and water bottle.

Boot Camp in the Park – CARDIO

Designed to increase your strength and cardiovascular fitness, Boot Camp in the Park is twice a week at Riverbend Park in the Old Mill District.

  • Tuesdays/Thursdays, 9:00 – 9:50 a.m.
  • June 7 – August 25
  • Riverbend Park picnic shelter, 799 SW Columbia St.
  • Instructor: Jess Coughlin
  • Drop-in fee or Fitness & Swim Pass
  • Bring a yoga mat/foam pad, water bottle and sunscreen and/or hat.

Not all classes listed below may be currently offered.

Yoga 101  
Learn to do foundational yoga poses correctly and safely with an emphasis on anatomically-informed alignment principles, proper muscle action, breathing technique and a present moment awareness. Designed to provide knowledge and tools to implement a yoga practice

Yoga Fundamentals
Designed to help new students feel more comfortable in their yoga practice or for the more experienced wanting assistance with position and alignment.

 Chair Yoga  
Practice is done seated in chairs or on a mat using modifications for each pose.

Gentle Yoga  
A gentle practice that moves through a slow pace. Easy to follow poses.

8-Movement Tai Chi 
Slow, circular movements to gently exercise muscles and improve range of motion. Relies on internal awareness to generate a feeling of overall health and vitality.

24-Movement Tai Chi 
Further your practice of Tai Chi to improve balance, movement, vitality and well-being.

Guided Meditation
A quiet time and space to focus on breathing, calmness and relaxation with an extended Savasana.

Qigong Reeling Silks 
Slow, repetitive spiral movements utilizing and unifying the entire body, making you strong, fluid and accessible.

Stretch & Relax 
Gentle stretching to relieve tension, increase flexibility and improve range of motion. Take time to relax, it feels great!

Hatha Yoga 
Increase energy, flexibility, strength and stamina while focusing on alignment. Reduces stress and relaxes muscles.

Yoga Flow   
Focused alignment with movement guided by the breath. Vinyasa at a slower pace.

Prenatal Yoga 
Journey through this magical time together as you maintain fitness and well-being. Physician’s or midwife’s approval required before first class.

Baby & Me Yoga Core 
Journey back into shape with baby at your side. Make new connections and build friendships. Babies are welcome from 6 weeks to walking.

Vinyasa Yoga  
Flowing form of yoga incorporating: sun salutations, breathing techniques and connecting poses to create flow in your practice.

Power Vinyasa Yoga  
This class is a challenging practice that can produce extraordinary results. Find personal discovery as you build strength and flexibility. For this advanced class, six months prior practice of fundamentals is recommended. Time is focused on a faster paced workout-style yoga. Come ready to sweat!

Yin Yoga 
Stretches the connective tissue in the lower body. Poses are passive and are held for several minutes.

Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga classes move at a much slower, relaxed pace, giving more time to lengthen tired muscles. Focuses on stretches of the hips, shoulders, back. Some offer passive poses and/or meditation.

Restorative Flow Yoga
Restorative flow yoga classes begin with a gentle flow and then moves into passive restorative practice.

Restorative Yoga for Athletes
Designed to reduce the risk of injury and improve recovery time.

Flexible Strength Through Yoga
A fitness-style yoga class that continuously stretches and strengthens the body.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
Kundalini – the yoga of awareness, the yoga of consciousness. We use asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath), chanting and meditation to transform and deepen our personal practice.

Intro to Ashtanga Vinyasa
Learn the classical sequence of asanas from which Vinyasa was born. Practice introduces the primary series.

Yoga for Mindfulness 
This grounding and mindful yoga practice will deepen awareness of the mind, body and breath. This class is designed to settle the mind, open the body and acknowledge our presence through a practice of meditation, asanas (postures) and breathing techniques.

Yoga Core 
Incorporate challenging poses that engage the Bandhas and fire your core. With the focus on length, strength and total body toning, you will become flexible, strong and lean.

Yoga for Athletes 
Enhance your performance as you increase flexibility and functional range of motion. Provides a holistic cross-training approach by opening tight muscles and conditioning the core.

Sculpt Fusion Yoga 
This challenging, athletic workout features yoga-inspired exercises combined with balance and flexibility training. Incorporates free weights and is set to current upbeat music.

Pilates Mat    
A method developed over seventy years ago to enhance posture and overall fitness. Using the fundamentals of Pilates and flowing through the series of Pilates exercises, you will develop your deep pelvic floor and posture stabilizing muscles.

Yoga & Pilates   
Techniques and benefits of both disciplines. Yoga will increase flexibility and balance; Pilates increases core strength and lengthens the muscles.

PiYo is an athletic mind/body class set to current upbeat music and focused on agility, dance conditioning, athletic training, core conditioning, balance, flexibility and so much more.

Class Etiquette

In group exercise, like all social settings, common courtesy calls for sensitivity to others. Please follow these etiquette guidelines when participating in group exercise classes.

  • Enter on time or a bit early. The warm up is a key component of class and we don’t want you to miss out on it!
  • Avoid wearing heavy scents and perfumes.
  • Shower and launder clothing before class.
  • No chewing gum.
  • Place cell phones and beepers in the off position.
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol before class.
  • Keep class conversation to a minimum – this demonstration of respect to your instructor and fellow classmates provides an opportunity for all to hear the instructor’s direction and flow through the workout.
  • Be courteous to your fellow classmates.
  • Be ready to adjust your space for others.
  • Be sure that your, um, private parts are appropriately covered.

Check with your physician before beginning any exercise program. If you have any medical considerations (recent surgeries, knee, neck or back problems, etc.), be sure to inform your teacher beforehand. Please note that instructors may use both physical assists as well as verbal cues to help students attain proper form, alignment and position. Please notify the instructor before class begins if you do not want to be touched. You are encouraged to bring and drink water throughout your workout. Thank you for attending and enjoy your workout!