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Remote controlled devices are allowed in Bend parks under the following conditions:

Example: Drones, boats, airplanes, cars

Remote controlled devices are allowed in Bend parks under the following conditions:

  • Follow all FAA rules. Learn more:
  • Operator or spotter must maintain a line of sight of the device at all times.
  • No remote controlled devices are allowed on District property at Riley Ranch Nature Reserve or Shevlin Park.
  • Operator must be in control of the device in a manner that is not careless or reckless.
  • Gas-powered models are not allowed.
  • Devices may not be used in areas occupied by other park users, during sporting events, in dog parks or other areas where a conflict with patrons or neighbors may exist.
  • When gathering as a group to use remote controlled devices, please call BPRD, at  (541) 389-7275  in advance to avoid conflicts with other scheduled events.
  • Film permit required for commercial film use.

Thank you for operating your remote controlled device in a manner considerate of park neighbors and users.