Below is an interactive district map of Bend Park & Recreation District  boundaries.

To determine if you reside within the district:

  • Enter your complete physical address in the box at the top right of the district map. (Example: 799 SW Columbia St Bend OR)
  • Zoom in (+ or – symbols) as needed to see your residence address on the district map.
  • If your address is inside the GOLD area of the map, you are in-district.
  • If your address is outside the GOLD area, then you are out-of-district.

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Note: For recreation programs, it is important that you register properly as an in-district or out-of-district resident. All addresses will be verified in our system.

Note: Available third-party address locators on this district map are not 100-percent accurate. Should you feel your address is shown incorrectly, please contact our Customer Service team:

Customer Service
Customer Service
General Inquiries: (541) 389-7275
Fitness/Swim: (541) 388-1133
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