Bend Park & Recreation District values environmental sustainability by making decisions that help protect, maintain and preserve our natural and developed resources.

Here are some of the things we do to be environmentally responsible:

  • Construction contracting includes provision requiring recycling of materials.
  • Staff utilizes web-based meeting technology for training, reducing the need for travel.
  • Partnership with Commute Options to reduce travel for staff and patrons.
  • Participant in the Energy Trust of Oregon Strategic Energy Management Program to initiate mechanical and cultural improvements to building systems and occupant awareness to reduce the consumption of energy in a measurable and verifiable manner for the long term.
  • 68% of District‘s electricity is purchased through Pacific Power Blue Sky Renewable Energy program which supports alternative energy resource development projects.
  • District Office is certified LEED Gold that includes interpretive signs and educational tours of building to promote sustainable construction.
  • The Board Meeting room is outfitted with technology that significantly reduces the amount of paper printed for board meetings.
  • Park doggie bags for patron use in parks are bio-degradable.
  • Juniper Swim & Fitness Center utilizes recycled glass beads in pool filtration tanks rather than sand. This utilizes recycled materials, lasts longer and cleans more efficiently, resulting in cleaner pool water for longer periods.
  • Organic fertilizers are used on parks near the river. In other parks, fertilizers that contain Phosphorous are no longer used.
  • At McKay Park, 22 concrete panels were reclaimed from the old pedestrian bridge and are used as seating walls and plaza areas within McKay Park.
  • We have reused play equipment, site furnishings, and light standards in parks where appropriate.
  • New and replacement site furnishings and play equipment contain recycled materials.

District Office Now Powered by the Sun 

One notable sustainability improvement that was completed in summer of 2014 is the solar panel array at the District Office at Riverbend Park.

The solar panels and installation were made possible through grants from The Oregon Department of Energy, Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Renewable Energy and cash incentives from the Energy Trust of Oregon, resulting in no cost to Bend Park and Recreation District taxpayers. Installation was by Sunlight Solar Energy Inc., a Bend commercial and residential solar system installer.

“Bend Park & Recreation District has been a leader in local environmentally sustainable practices,” said Mark Ellington, BPRD Facilities and Construction Manager. “Adding solar panels to the existing building helps the district to reduce consumption of nonrenewable resources used to produce grid-sourced electricity. We hope that other people will see the panels and consider them in their construction projects.”

Covering a large portion of the District administration building’s roof, the newly finished 42.9 kW system is expected to generate over 55,000 kW of electricity annually translating to over $3,000 in direct energy costs estimated to be saved annually. Built in 2009 and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certified, the District office was constructed with the structural features necessary so that a solar system could be added later.

“Building to LEED’s gold certification standard is commendable and definitely contributed to lower installation costs. Bend Park & Recreation is a testament to the benefits of building solar ready,” stated Paul Israel, Sunlight Solar Energy Inc.’s president.

We are always looking for ways to make healthy environmental choices. We hope it encourages other organizations and government agencies to do so also.

Solar panels on the top of BPRD's main office.

Curious about the District’s solar energy savings?

See the District Office’s savings for yourself on the District’s web-based solar energy data monitor – it’s live!

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