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PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT: For all BPRD parks and trails
The parks and trails are calling and you want to play. It’s okay; you can with a few reminders:

  • Face coverings not required on BPRD parks and trails for brief passings or "fleeting encounters"; however,
  • Face coverings are required when it's not possible for members of different households to socially distance, including large outdoor gatherings.​
  • Private vendors and event staff with reservations in parks may require face coverings.
  • Consider visiting less popular parks and trails or at less popular times.
  • Learn More.


    These are just a few of our staff and patrons’ favorite opportunities for accessible play. BPRD strives to make parks, trail and facility amenities safe and accessible for everyone. For more opportunities for accessible play, check out our therapeutic recreation page. View the Bend Park and Recreation District Accessibility information page.

    Park Opportunities:

    • Pine Nursery Park: The park includes 2.6 miles of relatively flat asphalt trails. The paths provide accessible routes to the ball fields, restrooms, disc golf course, playground, fishing dock, pickleball courts, parking areas and dogs parks. The new playground is also accessible.
    • Riverbend & Farewell Bend Parks: These connected parks provide accessible parking, restrooms, picnic shelters and trails along the Deschutes River.
    • Larkspur Park: The playground at Larkspur Park was designed with amenities for children of all abilities so that children can play together with their family and friends. The park features accessible routes, surfacing, parking and restrooms.
    • Drake Park: The park has accessible parking and 0.5 mile of trail constructed with concrete pavers.
    • Shevlin Park: The Shevlin Commons Trail and Fremont Road are paved and relatively flat. The Tumalo Creek Trail is a crushed rock surface that offers views of Tumalo Creek. The park has accessible restrooms and parking.
    • Discovery Park: The park has accessible parking, restrooms, paved trails and a picnic shelter. Additionally, there is an accessible dock overlooking Discovery Lake and the dog park has a paved path.
    • Orchard Park: The park has accessible parking, paved trails, picnic shelter and playground.

    Trail Opportunities:

    • Old Mill Reach of the Deschutes River Trail: Stretching from Farewell Bend Park to McKay Park, trails exist on both sides of the river in addition to an extensive private trail system throughout the Old Mill District. Two bike/pedestrian bridges provide convenient loops. This trail section is constructed of asphalt and concrete pavers and extends 1.9 miles. The trail is relatively flat with accessible parking and restrooms at Farewell Bend and Riverbend Parks. In addition, there is a boardwalk extending into the river at Farewell Bend Park.
    • Pioneer Reach of the Deschutes River Trail: This 0.4 mile section of the trail consists of concrete pavers, is relatively flat and extends from Pioneer Park to First Street Rapids Park.
    • River Run Reach of the Deschutes River TrailThis section runs from First Street Bridge to the River’s Edge Golf Course. It is relatively flat, composed of compact aggregate and is approximately 0.6 mile long.
    • Coyner Trail from Ponderosa Park to Juniper ParkThis trail is approximately 0.75 mile of asphalt path. The trail is relatively flat, with a few short sections of grade change that still meet standards for accessible recreational trails.
    • Larkspur Trail from Pilot Butte Neighborhood Park to Neff Road: The trail is approximately 1.1 miles of asphalt path. The trail is relatively flat, with a few short sections of grade change that still meet standards for accessible recreational trails. Loops around the park are also possible on 0.35 mile of asphalt path. The park includes an accessible playground, restrooms and picnic shelter.