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BPRD’s 2019 Strategic Plan is the operating plan for key areas of focus through 2024. The plan was developed with input from over 100 staff members and the board of directors. Key focus areas of focus through 2024 include:

  • Being sufficiently staffed with well-qualified employees in all positions
  • Employees having an opportunity to learn and grow
  • A workforce that is heard, informed, involved and valued
  • The district strategic about partnerships
  • A community better informed about the district
  • District services that are accessible to all
  • Providing exceptional customer and community experiences
  • Having staffing levels consistent with district growth
  • Balancing care for existing infrastructure and new development
  • Being a local leader in environmental stewardship
  • Financial well-being supported by strong business practices

Each department works to accomplish the action items assigned to their team, and bi-annual updates are provided to the board and public to report on each department’s progress.

2019-2024 Strategic Plan

If you have any questions about the 2019 Strategic Plan, please contact:

Rachel Colton
Park Planner