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We offer over 1,000 different recreation programs annually for ages ranging from 18 months to senior adult. The best way to register is online – it’s easy to use. If you already have an account go directly to https://register.bendparksandrec.org to register for programs. See the Playbook page to learn more about current or upcoming activities and dates.

Seasonal Registration Dates:

Registration for all seasonal program begins on the following dates. You can register online or at a BPRD facility. Online Playbooks are available by the Friday prior to each date.

Winter-Spring 2020 registration: Registration opened Monday, December 9.

Summer 2020 registration: Online program preview, March 18. Online Playbook, March 20. Registration opens March 23, 2020, at 5:30 am.

Fall 2020 registration: August 2020, to be announced

Online Registration Instructions

Click on the “Register” link on our website or go directly to:

Enter your email and password. You already have an account if you have recently participated in a program or have a pass at Juniper Swim & Fitness Center or Bend Senior Center. The default password is your last name (first letter capitalized) unless you set it up differently.

Make sure all family members are added with correct birth dates and genders.

You can select/search for activities in one of three ways:

Activity Number (Fastest) – enter the activity number (first six digits) in the box. Click on the Search button. The activity numbers are printed in this guide.

Keyword Search – just enter ONE word for the activity, such as part of the name or something about what it does. For example: Art, Lacrosse, Camp, Guitar, etc. Click on the Search button. Scroll down to display a list of programs linked to that keyword.

Type or Category – Simply click on the name for the types of programs that interest you. Scroll down to view all the programs offered.

You can further refine the search using the options at the top of the screen. These include: day of the week, age, gender and month.

New Accounts

You can go online or come in person to create a new account. New accounts created online must be verified for District residency and accuracy. NOTE: This process is normally completed in 24 hours.

In-Person Registration Instructions

If you want to come in to register you can go to ANY location for ANY program. You can register at four locations:

BPRD District Office:
799 SW Columbia Street

Juniper Swim & Fitness Center:
800 NE 6th Street

Bend Senior Center:
1600 SE Reed Market Road

The Pavilion:
1001 SW Bradbury Way

Registration forms are available online at www.bendparksandrec.org or by calling (541) 389-7275.

Out-of-District Fee Policy

Out-of-district residents do not pay property taxes that support the District and will be charged an additional 20% for most programs. If you need help determining if you live inside the District boundaries, call us at (541) 389-7275.

Credits, Refunds & Privacy Policy

Learn more about Credits, Refunds and Privacy Policy.

Do you need financial assistance? Click here for information on our Needs-Based Assistance program.

Questions? Please call our District office at (541) 389-7275.