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Bend’s beautiful parks host a wide variety of activities and events throughout the year ranging from community-wide cultural events to individuals relaxing in their favorite park. Bend Park and Recreation District oversees, maintains and develops parks, trails and open space throughout Bend.

Park Services cares for places where people play, learn and grow, and protects our natural and cultural resources for the enjoyment of community residents. As we continue to acquire and develop additional parkland and recreational facilities, we are prioritizing expanding our services to operate and maintain them at the quality level our community expects. We also recognize the need to provide a higher level of service to the users of our parks and trails, so that their recreational experiences are positive and enjoyable.

Park Rules & Regulations:

We are proud of the parks, trails and facilities available and we ask that park users help us keep them safe and enjoyable for everyone. Please take a moment to review BPRD’s rules and regulations page.

By The Numbers

Fun by the numbers: A snapshot BPRD Park Services

Bend Park and Recreation District’s Park Services crews work every day of the year to care for your parks, trails and recreation facilities. To help you understand what it takes for Park Services to do such important work, here are some fun numerical facts:


  • Clean 21 hours a day, seven days-a-week from 6:00 am to 3:00 am the next day.
  • Take care of cleaning at eight recreation facilities.
  • Service more than 109 toilets. In January through October 2017, more than 21,000 standard rolls of toilet paper were restocked.


  • Spent nearly 2,500 hours annually maintaining all types of equipment from trucks and buses to mowers and trimmers.
  • Use about 27,000 gallons of gasoline and 7,500 gallons of diesel fuel a year.


  • Mow 180 acres – adding up to about 4,680 mowed acres annually, using 40 tons of fertilizer, 700 gallons of athletic field paint and 7.5 tons of chalk.
  • Maintain 1,800+ irrigation valves and 54 central control irrigation systems.


  • Answer approximately 6,500 phone calls a year.
  • Manage 250 utility meters each month.


  • Coordinates park use for numerous community events including runs/walks.
  • Made 6,484 contacts with park visitors in June through August 2017 for issues including illegal activity, first aid assistance, vandalism and off-leash dogs.


  • Added approximately $124,000 worth of amenities such as kiosks, signs, bike racks, fences, benches, tables and bollards.
  • Planted thousands of grasses, forbs, shrubs and trees.


  • Care for 80+ miles of trails.
  • Maintain all district natural spaces which comprise two-thirds of the district’s properties.


If you have any questions regarding park maintenance, please contact Park Services:

Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Sat - Sun: Closed
Park Services is operating regularly; however, there is not dedicated Customer Service staff and access is limited.
To report a park maintenance issue or request park steward assistance:

  • During business hours (Monday through Friday, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm) call 541-388-5435.
  • After Hours (Monday – Friday, 4:00 pm - 7:30 am and on weekends) call 541-388-5435. *When instructed “press 2” to reach the on-call operator. The on-call operator will direct information to appropriate staff.
  • To report non-time sensitive issues, you can also email parkservicesinfo@bendparksandrec.org. Emails will be directed to appropriate staff for response during business hours.
  • For emergencies (i.e., criminal activity, fire/medical/safety incidents) call 911.
  • Lost & Found in parks: (541) 388-5435