The Community Relations team connects journalists with information and sources for interviews about Bend Park and Recreation District. Contact us to receive news releases and to request interviews.

Julie Brown
Community Engagement Director
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Public records policy

You can read the Bend Park and Recreation District Public Records Policy here.

Public records requests

Requests for public records are facilitated by the assistant to the Executive Director. To help us facilitate your request, please fill out and return the Public Records Request Form.

Sheila Reed
Assistant to the Executive Director

Email Sheila Reed


Bend Park & Recreation District strives to capture authentic photography of patrons engaging in activities at our parks, on our trails and in our recreation facilities. These are public spaces and photos are allowed by federal law. Please be aware that these photos may be used in the future for BPRD publications both in digital and print formats, including on the website, social media, video, digital newsletters, print publications or by request from a media outlet or partner agency. These instances of use are for lawful purposes, including for publicity, illustration, advertising, marketing, copyrighting and web content. We do not sell images for third-party use.

If you or a dependent family member is in a BPRD program, facility, park or trail and see a staff member or contracted photographer taking photos and you do not wish to be photographed, please alert the photo taker and we’ll accommodate your request to be excluded. If you see use of a photo of yourself or a dependent family member that you prefer not be used, please let us know and we’ll use reasonable efforts to remove it if possible and/or agree to not use it moving forward. In some cases, we may not be able to alter or change out photos, such as in printed publications when a photo may have been included.

Requests related to photos and rights to use should be directed to the Marketing Department:

Colleen McNally
Marketing Manager

Email Colleen McNally

Access to events and facilities

Media credentials are not required for access to District events and facilities; however, we appreciate a heads up in advance so we can facilitate access and interview requests. Please contact us at (541) 389-7275 as soon as you get a story assignment and we’ll do our best to accommodate even last-minute requests.

Commercial film permits

Commercial Photography/Videography/Film Permit – $50 per day, plus any necessary reservation and rental fees.

  1. A single professional photographer with a portable camera does not require a permit or district notification.
  2. Professional media production or activity requires a scope of activity and possible evidence of prescribed liability insurance based on risk. Should production require exclusive use of parkland, staff time or other district resources, a permit, park reservation and associated fees apply.
  3. For film permits, please complete and submit a BPRD Commercial Film/Photography/Videography Permit Request.
  4. For photo or film productions requiring insurance, learn more about the Certificate of Liability Insurance requirements.

Questions about using a park or facility for a commercial shoot? Contact the Marketing Department for questions.

Becky Rexford
Sports Program and Athletic Fields Manager

Email Becky Rexford


There is free Wi-Fi at all District indoor facilities. Parks and trails are unlikely to have Wi-Fi.


For other matters, contact our Community Relations team help regarding:

Community Relations

Julie Brown
Community Engagement Director
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Volunteering with BPRD

Kim Johnson
Community Engagement Supervisor
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Marketing & Advertising

Colleen McNally
Marketing Manager
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Colleen McNally
Marketing Manager
Email Colleen McNally