The sign at Riley Ranch Nature Reserve.

The BPRD naming process is based upon the adopted 2021 Park, Facility and Trail Naming Policy. This policy provides guidance for the naming of district assets including parks, facilities and trails. Names should be positive, relevant, welcoming, fact based and selected from one of the following categories:

  • Geographic
  • Indigenous, Cultural or Historic
  • Native Flora or Natural Feature
  • People
  • Community Organizations

Interim names will be assigned until the naming process can be completed. The naming process includes public outreach, specifically:

  • Neighborhood parks – requests for potential names will be solicited from the applicable Neighborhood Association and its membership, and as part of the  planning and design process.
  • Community and Regional Parks, Facilities and Trails – media and social media channels will be used to communicate an upcoming naming process and solicit name suggestions from interested community members.

Suggested names will be reviewed by the board appointed five-member naming committee. The naming committee makes name recommendations to the board of directors who have final approval authority.

For more information about the process, please contact:

Rachel Colton
Park Planner
Email Rachel Colton

To learn more about park names in the district, you can go here.