Ponderosa Skatepark

Address: 225 SE 15th Street

Ponderosa Park
‘s skatepark is open from dawn until dusk in dry conditions.

The approximately 4,000 square foot skatepath includes:

  • Half-pipe section
  • Multiple quarter pipe sections
  • Two sets of stairs
  • A variety of wedges, hips and ledges
  • Grind rails and ledges
  • Radius wave
  • Pump bumps and radius wave
  • Restrooms, picnic shelters and other amenities close to the skatepark

Watch Ponderosa skatepark flyover video

Pavilion Skatepark

Address: 1001 SW Bradbury Way

The Pavilion‘s skatepark is closed for the season.

The skatepath includes:

  • Quarter pipe sections
  • Fun Box / Manual Pad
  • Small banked-pyramid feature

Skatepark Do’s & Don’ts

The Do’s:
  • Use the park from dawn until dusk.
  • Use the park only when it’s dry.
  • Maintain control and share the park with others.
  • Protect yourself. Helmets, elbow and knee pads and other protective equipment are strongly recommended.
  • Keep the skatepark clean. Keep food, drinks and glass away from the skatepark surface and place trash in receptacles.
  • If someone is acting inappropriately, be a mentor and share tips on skatepark etiquette.
  • Ponderosa skatepark is unsupervised. Use at your own risk and within your own abilities.
  • Be aware: Skateboarding and other appropriate uses of the park are high risk recreation activities that may result in serious injury. BPRD does not assume responsibility for injuries.

The Don’ts:

  • Avoid using the skatepark when wet or icy.
  • Do not modify the skatepark or bring outside ramps, boxes or other devices .
  • Food and drinks and drinks are not allowed on the skate surface.
  • Glass containers are not allowed in the park.
  • Use and/or possession of alcohol, tobacco products and or drugs is prohibited.
  • Littering, graffiti, stickers and tagging are not allowed.
  • Avoid using abusive, threatening and obscene language and behavior.
  • No pets are allowed in the skate area.
  • Motorized vehicles and bikes are prohibited.
  • Amplified sound is not allowed except by permit.